How to grow long eyelashes

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What girl does not dream of fluffy and long eyelashes that give the look magic charm? Here is how to make the dream a reality, few know. Therefore, in this article we will tell you how to use home remedies to care for lashes (various oils and masks) can enhance their growth.

Use all that you need with skill and then your cilia grow for two months. When you consider that the usual period of life, the growth of eyelashes approximately about 6 months, then help your eyelashes is necessary. In total some 60 days, and all the people around you will notice what you have become a luxury and long eyelashes.

How to grow long eyelashes
Long eyelashes

My friends often wonder how I managed to make my eyelashes are so long. How do I get this result and what it means when used? Is it possible to use hair products when caring for eyelashes (eyelashes because it is also a kind of hair).

From my own experience, I can assure you that the funds intended for the hair in any way will not be able to come to our cilia. As may cause allergic reactions of the mucous membrane of the eye. For eyelashes should take care of specially selected and designed specifically for them cosmetic. Now I tell you about the most effective and efficient methods for the care of eyelashes.

Oil stimulates the growth of eyelashes

Oil – is the foundation of care for lashes. Without it, the full care of eyelashes is not possible. So what oil should be used to grow eyelashes? Many come to mind such oils as castor or burdock. However, this is a misconception. These oils may be only part of the mask for eyelashes, which then must be washed off with them.

Here are lighter in texture oils that can be applied to an infinite number of times per day, and apply at night without washing. These oils include peach, buckthorn, almond oil and olive oil. It should be noted that all the oil should be of natural origin, without any additives. For best results, you need to add vitamins A and E (oil solutions), and aloe juice.

For easy storage and application of oil, it is better to pour into a clean and dry tube, which was once the mascara. Oil stored at room temperature, with the proviso that the composition only oil and vitamins. If it includes other components, the finished mixture is best to keep in the refrigerator. Apply the oil it is desirable to carefully avoid contact with the eyes, and try to get the oil was applied to each eyelash. They will only benefit and soon will delight you with its stunning views.

Masks Eyelashes

If you dream of thick and long lashes, the one oil is not enough. Then the next day you want to use and apply the mask to the eyelashes. Here is just come to the aid of castor oil.

For the mask must take castor oil, cognac, in the ratio 1: 1. If there is no hand of cognac, you can replace it with aloe juice. – Another mask includes burdock and castor oil, in equal numbers, and a few drops of vitamins A and E and aloe. – Well, the last recipe – equally taken castor oil, aloe and very finely chopped parsley, mix well and let stand day. All masks after applying on the eyelashes leave for an hour, then rinse.

The masks should be kept in a refrigerator before and applied to the eyelashes warmed to room temperature. Apply it is most convenient for mascara brush or cotton swab.

Broth helps grow eyelashes

If you do it once a week will make compresses for eyelashes, it will help them to become longer for a shorter time. The broth can be prepared at home. To do this, the counter herbs: calendula, cornflower, chamomile and mother and stepmother. Ready broth put on cotton wool or a cotton pad and apply on the eyes for about 20 minutes. You can also use a strong brew. After compression, the eyelashes should dry naturally, and then they are well lubricated, which we discussed above.

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