How to get rid of the smell of sweat under the armpits

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Everyone smells differently. Individual aroma composed of more than 300 components, the most important of which are: bad breath, the smell of hair and body odor. A healthy person smells almost unnoticed, but the man who has serious health problems, the body has an unpleasant, repulsive odor that may signal the presence of a doctor for the disease.

How to get rid of the smell of sweat under the armpits

In the summer people sweat is particularly strong. This physiological process – sweat cools the body, protecting it from overheating. Sweat itself does not smell, unpleasant body odor is caused by bacteria that live in the hollows and folds of the human body.

The smell of sweat under the armpits – headache, 80% of men and women. Observance of simple rules will help if you do not get rid of, to significantly reduce the odor.

The basic rules to get rid of the smell of sweat

Rule 1 – personal hygiene. You need to take a shower every day, in the summer you can swim in the morning and evening. For skin tone, you can use a douche – the alternation of warm and cool water.
Rule 2 – lack of vegetation. Bacteria accumulate on the armpit hairs. Warm and moist environment – the best breeding ground for pathogens, so timely depilation at times reduce the amount of bacteria that goes with them and smell.

Rule 3 – properly chosen clothes. Synthetic fabrics are very hot in their skin does not “breathe”, and hence increased sweating. For the underwear is better to use cotton clothing.
Rule 4 – proper nutrition. Spicy and fatty foods, strong coffee, chocolate and alcohol provoke sweating.
Rule 5 – cosmetics for reducing smell. They should be applied to dry, clean armpits without vegetation. There are so many antiperspirants – ball, gel, spray. You can choose any means to your liking.

Additionally, you can use the pad with sweat – they are attached to the clothes in the armpits from the wrong side, they are disposable and protect clothes from a persistent smell of sweat.

Folk remedies to get rid of the smell of sweat:

Before the invention of cosmetic antiperspirants our grandmothers and mothers struggled with the smell of sweat in the following way:

  1. Rubbing armpits diluted solution of vinegar or lemon juice. A weak solution of vinegar removes odor and relieves irritation.
  2. Seeding the armpits potato starch – making armpits land.
  3. Use wiping underarm infusion of tea or Kombucha.

If all the rules are met, and does not pass the smell – it is strongly recommended to see a doctor. Profuse sweating with an unpleasant odor can be a symptom of a serious disease of the endocrine system, or an infection.

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