How to get rid of snoring woman and causes of ronchopathy

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If a woman is snoring in his sleep, she is very worried about this. Unfortunately, the cause of the experience is often only an external manifestation of the not too aesthetic problems: a woman embarrassed and afraid that snoring, sleep it prevents those who live with it. About the same, that snores and puffing – this news is very disturbing, indicating potential problems of health, not many people think. You must not only learn how to stop snoring, but also to identify and eliminate the cause.

How to get rid of snoring woman and causes ronchopathy
Causes of ronchopathy

Why a woman can snore

Snoring during sleep, both men and women. In the past this problem is diagnosed less often due to some differences in the aging of the respiratory organs in both sexes. Also, fewer women are diagnosed with “ronchopathy” (the medical name for problems) because of what they ask for help to the doctors only in extreme cases, as ashamed of their condition.

Ronchopathy – it’s quite common, chronic progressive ENT disease associated with varying degrees of obstruction of the upper airway. During a night’s rest in a person suffering from a disease, there is shortness of breath with a characteristic sound of snoring. Varying severity ronchopathy suffers every fourth woman of childbearing age, and almost every second, which already menopause.

The causes of the disease are:

  • Congenital pathology of the nasopharynx and larynx;
  • Pathology of the facial skeleton;
  • Deviated septum;
  • Seam nasal polyps;
  • Adenoids;
  • Neoplasms of respiratory organs;
  • The natural aging process.

Also ronchopathy cause functional reasons, because of which violated the pharynx muscle tone:

  • Excess weight;
  • Wrong, sedentary lifestyle and bad habits (alcohol, smoking);
  • Lack of sleep and rest;
  • Metabolic and thyroid function;
  • Other.

If anyone is wondering how to get rid of snoring woman, you must first eliminate these causes.

The terrible ronchopathy?

Snoring rarely interferes with sleep very painful and frightening annoying those who are close to him. But the investigation rhonchopathy – insufficient ventilation of the respiratory tract, poor oxygenation of blood and oxygen starvation of the whole organism. Disrupts the heart and vascular tone, there is a tendency to hypertension, the blood itself is changed, there are metabolic disorders.

A separate problem is often accompanied by snoring interruption of breathing during sleep (sleep apnea).

What woman do to avoid snoring

It is believed that in most cases ronchopathy is due to poor lifestyle choices and health disorders caused by them. Less often, it is due to congenital abnormalities. Therefore, you first need to be examined by otolaryngologist. It will help identify the cause of the disease and tell you how to get rid of snoring woman or a man.

  1. If ronchopathy arose because of diseases or pathologies of the respiratory system, it is necessary to get rid of in the first place from them. Sometimes it requires surgery.
  2. If snoring – a symptom of rigidity of muscles of the larynx, the patient is prescribed exercises to strengthen them, as well as singing.
  3. Incurred due to poor lifestyle snoring is eliminated by the following measures: weight loss, rejection of alcohol and smoking, normalization of sleep, the introduction into the habit of doing sports and walking outdoors, holding other restorative procedures.
  4. In any case, a woman who snores, it is recommended to sleep on his side.
  5. Ronchopathy often requires homeopathic and medical treatment. Applied mouthwashes, drops, sprays, aerosols and other dosage forms for moisturizing the oral mucosa and pharynx, vasoconstrictor drugs, other.

House to treat snoring woman is offered as folk ways, such as through the use of cabbage juice with honey.

In severe cases, there is no way to get rid of snoring, you go to a specialist blade.

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