How to get rid of a rival once and for all

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Today, the relationship of discharge “once and for all” – a rarity. But every girl wants so that she was lucky and her choice turned out to be the only one with whom she will live lives only in love and harmony. Therefore, women in most cases when a threat on the horizon in the form of a lovely lady and a blatant attempt to eliminate any cost barrier. And the first step on the path of a local war becomes a search for the answer to the question: “How to get rid of a rival?”.

How to get rid of a rival once and for all

What not to do

Indeed, the choice of the right strategy depends not only on the success of a particular operation, but the fate of future relations. So try to understand whether it is possible to get rid of rivals and maintain their relationship. Of course, we are not now considering the option “no man – no rival,” since it is too radical method, also automatically invalidate the very notorious relationship. It is also not an option – the physical elimination of the unfortunate, risked to covet your betrothed. Besides the fact that it is a criminal offense, it is also very bad for your karma. And there is hardly a man who wants to continue living together with such an aggressive “half.”

Another wrong way – is to search for the mystical assistance. Simply put – trips to all sorts of sorcerers, psychics who claim that they know how to get rid of a rival, bewitch favorite and charge you “rays of goodness.” Well, if they can help you efficiently and probably get rid of something, or someone, only your money, and by self-confidence.

How to get rid of rivals and maintain their relationship

So, if you decide to eliminate a rival and keep the love of his companion, you must carefully consider not only the identity of rival, but also their own relationship. Find out what has led to this situation – your glitch, the nature of your chosen one, or both of you are the victim of blatant unprincipled person selected as the victim is your favorite. From the results of this analysis depends on your further actions.

So, the first step – you. Take a look at your relationship from the side. Do all as good as you thought before the rival? Maybe get the desired, you relaxed and waved the hand? They began to pay less attention to your partner? Or, conversely, too “crushed” him of his constant care and supervision? Note – Men are polygamous by nature, but lazy. And leave the familiar “comfort zone” they can make or complete absence of the most comfortable, or boredom and routine. So first change themselves and their attitude to the situation. Remember that makes your eyes shine, remember what you have conquered it at the time and – forward. Arrange a romantic weekend, show yourself from an unexpected quarter, once again become a mysterious and interesting. Pay enough attention to his enthusiasm, does not limit his personal space – all this creates a good basis for further steps.

Step Two – rival. Learn your enemy. Find out who she is, what she wants, how serious its intentions. Note that 8 times out of 10 opponent is in close proximity to your loved one – classmate, colleague, neighbor, your friend. Therefore, the information is not difficult to find. And then it all depends on your imagination:

You can set up hussy in an unfavorable light – as if by chance to tell a couple of juicy cases of its past or present, to hint that this person – that still feature – and the men in it – like gloves (Men always want to be the only one, and not “one of “).

You can “seduce” her rival in the social network – to create an account with a handsome in the photo, a correspondence. Knowing her wishes and goals will be easy to “fall in love” in her nonexistent macho, and then get to break the link with your favorite. But – carefully – this option requires careful attention to detail and great care. One ill-considered word – and all the work for nothing.

Another effective way – communication with the opponent. If you are confident in the rightness of his own irresistible and (as in fact you are sure!) – Write her a letter or talk frankly with a cup of coffee. Correctly, without aggression and humiliation, explain to her that she did not put his nose to where it should. And if it does not come to its senses – the consequences will be very serious (this method is particularly effective if the opponent has a family, and she has something to lose).

As you can see, the way to get rid of a lot of rivals. But whatever you choose, it is worth remembering the success of this little war depends on confidence, on your wisdom and patience. And yet – before jumping into the flames of war, answer yourself – “Do you really want to save this relationship?”. After all, if you are not ready to win, these relationships can become a “suitcase without a handle” – hard to bear, and throw a pity.

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