How to choose the right color of lipstick

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Each girl is aware of what to choose the color and shade of lipstick, which is suitable to face, is quite difficult. Perhaps every woman several times faced with this problem: The color of lipstick in the window or in a directory on your lips look completely different. To determine how the lipstick on your lips will look, is enough to put a small amount like the color on the tip of your finger.

For women who have pronounced lips, better pay attention to lipstick shades: purple, brown and bronze. Owners thin lips suit color with delicate light shades.

How to choose the right color of lipstick
Woman applying lipstick

For compelling blondes winning option will lipsticks that have a berry shades. Ideal for them will be the purple lipstick, pink flowers, as well as the color “coffee with milk”.

For owners of golden hair and light-brown hair suit coral color and juicy peach.

In the case where the woman has a somewhat dark color of the skin, hair and bright colors, you should pay attention when choosing a lipstick on a terracotta color. This lipstick is suitable beauties with bright red hair.

For young fashionistas stylists and beauticians are advised to experiment with shades (as shiny and matte). More mature women can use only “satin” and shiny lipstick. These options give the lips a certain freshness, visually makes them smoother and younger.

For lovers of rich and vibrant colors is carefully and gently applied pigments lipstick on her lips, because even small errors will be noticeable. If the output lines do not have time, it is better to choose a light-colored lipstick. In this case, the carelessly applied, is a more distinct outline.

Some of the fair sex have given their preference lipsticks pearlescent shades. Sparkling in the sun pigments vary depending on the lighting. However, it is understood that the pearl is able to emphasize even the smallest wrinkles lips. These lipsticks stylists recommend the use of young women.

Choosing an option with glitter varnish should be prepared that these lipsticks provide visual volume of the lips, enhance them, and give sexual swelling. The main advantage of lacquer lipstick – the perfect moisturizing. The disadvantages include the possibility of stains (it is better to use together with her outline with a pencil). Stylists point out that the lacquer lipstick look much lighter than in a tube.

Before you buy another lipstick, it is to smell it. If the smell repels the purchase, it is better to abandon it. After all, the use of this lipstick will not bring pleasure.

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