How to choose an engagement ring

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The point is to make a marriage proposal lover – a very important step, both for men and for women. Every guy realizes that a beautiful proposal every girl wants to hear. To comply with tradition, decided to give beloved ring. It symbolizes man’s serious intentions and is a kind of commitment to each other.

How to choose an engagement ring
Engagement ring

To wear the ring during the engagement

Woman to show their consent to the marriage, takes a ring and puts it on the ring finger of his left hand.

How to choose an engagement ring

During the engagement ring – is not just a courtesy or an ordinary gift, it is something more. Primarily, it is a special character. Exactly how it will propose a beloved man, and how beautiful ring will present during a marriage proposal, bride remembered for a long time. His bride engagement ring stores, with special trepidation, as an heirloom. In some families there is a tradition – to pass the ring to future generations and, therefore, you can choose when the ring is on the order of his own sketch.

On what to expect budget

The main question that is before the guy to choosing engagement rings – is the size of the budget. Traditionally, in Western countries, the cost of the ring must match the 2-month salary of her future husband.

Many men choose suitable for the price of the classic versions. Engagement ring is not cheap enough. However, today there is a huge choice that helps to find affordable decent and nice options. A man has to take a mental note that even the budget models of rings, the ring should look “with a twist.” This girl will appreciate.

Typically, engagement rings consist of noble metal. It is decorated with a mandatory gem. The ring may be a silver (if a girl wears only silver ring), platinum or gold. Gold has selected, based on the preferences. It can be used in rings and white and yellow and pink gold.
As for the stone, there need to be very careful. Not every stone is suitable for marriage proposals. Brilliant and often meet in engagement rings, because it is long-lasting love.

The size

Once the choice has fallen on some particularly liked the ring, to be a very difficult task – to find out the size of his beloved. Here it is possible to become James Bond, as a responsible and difficult task. You can connect the girlfriend of the bride, so that she assist in the care. Only necessary to consider that a friend might spill the beans and thereby spoil the surprise.

You can decide on their own to find out ring size. This task is made easier if the girl wears a ring. In this case, you can take one of the rings and push the size of the ring darling. The jewelry store will help remove his measurements.

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