How to choose a silver jewelry

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Most fashionistas give their preference to silver jewelry. Although not an expensive cost of silver jewelry, they are endowed with beauty, variety, durability. Jewellery made of silver today like to wear both the fairer sex, and many men. However, to purchase only brings joy, you need to follow some rules.

First, you need to know the types of silver used today in the manufacture of jewelry, since the appearance of jewelry depends on the alloy and processing.

How to choose a silver jewelry

Those who prefer a cold shiny metal, buy jewelry made of silver, which is 925. This is also called sterling silver. The alloy is 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% copper. With such a ratio of metal, the product is endowed with a characteristic color, strength and shine. Sometimes there selling jewelry made of alloy, which contains less than pure silver. These products are cheaper, but the sock quickly darken and can break.

If decorations are made of sterling silver, darkened after some time, they are easy to clean and re-take the original form. In jewelry stores you can buy special compositions.

Some prefer the matte silver jewelry. The alloy from which they are made is like sterling silver but is not mirror-polished surface and the noble-matte. This effect is obtained thanks to a special emulsion.

Very unusual look of burnished silver products. For their production used a special technique, which uses heat and inking. The product is dark lines painted an incredible figure, which gives a kind of relief decoration. The advantage of burnished metal that does not need to be cleaned regularly as sterling silver. Therefore, silver, made in this way, not only characterized by their exquisite beauty, but also convenient and practical for everyday wear.

How to distinguish real silverware on faulty goods?

  • Silver jewelry should be purchased only in specialized shops. Buying alleged to silver items on the market or with the hands, you put yourself at risk to buy brass products;
  • At any silverware should be placed sample;
  • Buying silver jewelry with precious stones, do not forget to ask the seller a certificate on the stone. Perhaps under the guise of genuine stone, it may be ordinary glass.
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