10 Mind-Blowing Tips To Have a GREAT & SPICY Sex Life

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Do not be shy; this is your life, and you have the right to get what you want from it, and that includes a better sex life. Here you can reveal the magic to have GREAT sex, now and in the future.

Couple Doing Great Sex
How To Have Great Sex

We all like sex, men and women; but aren’t there occasions when we would all prefer our sex lives to be better, more exciting, longer lasting, more adventurous?

Men and women think about these matters in different ways; men do not often discuss their sex lives in true detail with their buddies, whereas women are more likely to tell close female friends the truth.

Sometimes, it is helpful to read articles giving us good, solid information, without the embarrassment of having to talk about it.

But before going into too much detail, let me tell you exactly what does make a great sex life.

Better Sex Check List (How to tell you are already having great sex)

1. Feet and Hand Clenching: If you see their hands and feet clenching, then this is a sure sign that they are having a fabulous time in bed with you.

2. Anyone For Seconds? If your partner has had such a fabulous time, that they want to do it again straight away, then give yourself a pat on the back, as you are definitely having great sex!

3. Still Talking About It/Remaining Flirty Afterwards: A sure sign that you are having great sex is when your partner keeps talking about it after…’That felt so good, I loved it when you..etc’ or they keep on touching you or cuddling; or if you are apart, you get sexy texts.. ‘I can’t wait for the next time’ or ‘You are so sexy, I can’t wait to be with you again.’ [Read – How To Please Your Man In Bed (The Sex Goddess Formula)]

4. You Feel It Was Great: Chances are, if it was good for you, then it was good for them too; the more effort you put in, the greater the reward and the greater the sex.

5. They Want to Try Something New: If you have enjoyed great sex, then chances are you will want even greater sex; if your partner says ‘That was fabulous……..how about we try……next time?’

In this scenario, it means they already are loving what you do, and would like for both of you to try to reach even greater sexual satisfaction.

So, now let’s move on to how to have better sex; we will cover different tips for both men and women, so as it’s good manners, let’s start with ladies first!

For Women – How to Have Better Sex

We all seem to think that men want sex all the time, and think about it all the time; that is not true! Yes, they do like sex, but so do women; on average we probably think about it as much as men do, we just don’t talk about it as much or too shy to tell them.

Follow these hints and tips for better/longer lasting/great sex, today and every day.

1. If You Can’t Beat Them

Think like a man for a day; fantasise about that gorgeous guy in the street, picture him naked and think about what you would like to do with that great body.

Picture straddling him, and riding him to a great orgasm; by the time you get home to your guy, you will be gagging for sex with him! Turning your mind on is a great way to turn your body on.

2. Forget Your ‘Imperfections’

Men do not care if you have put on a few pounds; they do not notice. Nor do they notice, (or probably even know!) what cellulite is.

What they see is a loving sexy woman who wants to be with them, and have great sex; they do not notice if your make-up isn’t perfect, or if your tummy is more round than it used to be.

In fact both of those can turn men on even more; for instance messed up make-up can make you look ‘slutty’ which men like; it looks as though you have just had sex, and are ready for more.

A rounded tummy helps him to remember that it was once a home to your children; besides most men like something to cuddle into, and do not like sharp angles and bones sticking in them.

3. Go Back to Dating

Did you used to have long necking sessions sitting in the back row of the cinema? Did you have ‘secret’ sex sessions, maybe in the back of a car? Try and recapture the things that attracted you to him in the first place, and also the excitement you felt at that time.

Especially, it’s beneficial for couples who don’t get much time to spend with each other because of busy work schedule.

4. Plan a Date

This might not sound very romantic, but sometimes we are all too busy for things to just happen naturally; a little forethought and planning can make for great sex.

Arrange a day when you can both come home early; do not spend that time doing housework, or chores, this time is for you, and nothing else. Send him a couple of sexy texts during that day; tell him what you would like to do, and wait for his response.

Chances are that by the time you get home, you will be so eager for sex, you might even end up doing it in the hallway! The brain is our greatest sex trigger, and the anticipation that arranging a ‘date’ creates, will have your juices flowing all day long.

5. Sex Toys

Buy a new vibrator, and use it! Masturbation is good for you, and can help you to re-discover your sensuality; take your time with this. Close your eyes and concentrate on what feels good; doing this means you will be able to convey to your partner what works for you.

Try and locate your G-spot at the same time, (there are vibrators specifically designed for this,) and see if you can learn how to squirt; guaranteed to blow your partner’s mind!

6. Get Away From It All

If finances allow, book a ‘dirty’ weekend away; if money is an issue, see if grandparents can look after the children, so that you can extend your ‘date’ idea. This will allow you to have sex anywhere on the house, without fear of discovery.

If there are no grandparents around, consider your friends; do you have children of a similar age? If so, offer to have their kids one weekend, and they can then do the same for you; it’s a win/win favor, which helps out both couples.

7. Tell Him a Story

Whether you do this by text, or when you are in bed just before you go to sleep; make up some outrageous story, one that you know will titillate him and turn him on. Only give him one chapter per day though; by the end of the week, he will be dying to know what happens, and then maybe you can act it out!

8. Hug Him

We can all get so ‘cozy’ in our partnerships that we can forget how important this contact can be; it does not need to be sexual, just make a conscious decision to hug him more often.

In turn you will feel an additional closeness and a ‘reconnection’ with your partner; it will help you to remember why you got together in the first place. Besides, all those hugs could well lead to great sex at the end of the day!

9. Watch Porn

Although this may not be something that you would usually do, it can be a great turn-on for both of you. You may be surprised at how much porn out there is made by women, for women, and is not, therefore ‘wham-bam-thank you ma’am!’

This can be another great way of getting you in the mood, and can also give you the opportunity to say ‘I wish we could try that…’ (Whatever ‘that’ might be!) [Read – 99.9% of Men Watch Porn – Is It Really Bad To Watch It?]

10. Give to Receive

This is a great tool; simply give him oral sex, and then you can ask him to do the same for you. You don’t have to have sex afterward; but you will often find out that you are so turned on after great oral, that you will desperately want (need?) penetration.

Show, (and tell,) him what works for you; men are not mind-readers, and sometimes need a little help in getting things right.

For Men – How To Have Better Sex

There will be times in your ladies’ life where for one reason or another, she may not feel like having sex as often; this can be due to hormones, stress or simply being too busy with work and the children.

If you follow some of these helpful tips to having better/more exciting/longer-lasting sex, I can guarantee that your love life will be more enjoyable!

Most men would like better/more sex; read these helpful tips on how to get both, and make your sex life more satisfying than ever before.

1. Introduce Blindfolds/Light Bondage

When we are deprived of one of our senses, the others go into overdrive to compensate; by blindfolding her, she will become far more aware of touch, taste and smell.

Tease her with different sensations, such as hot and cold, smooth and rough or even feed her with ripe strawberries and cream; the fact that she doesn’t know what’s coming next will be highly exciting for both of you.

2. Tell Her What You Want Her to Do

Have a ‘lesson session;’ this is where you both sit down for a frank discussion about fantasies/things you have always wanted to try.

Choose one from each of your ‘wish-lists’ and get down and dirty! We often think that we know what turns our partner on, but you might just be surprised at the results of this one! As usual, communication is key.

3. Learn How to Do a Sensual Massage

Don’t make this so relaxing that she falls asleep! Concentrate on areas that are often neglected during love-making; the backs of the knees and the inner thighs for instance.

Do not focus on purely erogenous zones, until you are nearing the love-making stage; help to get rid of the knots in her shoulders, relax her feet, and you will end up having great sex.

4. Role Play

This does not have to be something that costs money for costumes; it can simply mean that she can get dressed up, and pretend to be someone else. Maybe she can pretend to be a stranger, a high-class call girl, whatever takes your fancy!

Role play is an enjoyable way to try something that you haven’t tried before; it also gives her the excuse to be more ‘naughty’ than usual, as she can ‘hide behind’ her role, this works well for shy women.

5. Fantasise Together (while still clothed)

Talk about your fantasies, taking turns; start off with something light and playful, and then move on to things that have always been at the back of your mind.

Discuss fantasies about people you both know, or fetishes you may want to explore; bear in mind though, that you may get a few surprises yourself, women can have extremely dirty minds, but don’t often get the opportunity to tell someone.

Try not to be shocked if she tells you that she would like to walk down the high street naked, or whatever; remember this is fantasy, and not reality!

6. Game Playing

Virtually everyone has a pack of cards at home, so use these to have a game of strip poker with a difference; if you lose, not only do you have to remove an item of clothing, but you also have to do a ‘forfeit’ of whatever the other partner decides, such as ‘Suck my nipples/penis’ or ‘Spank my ass.’

But have a time limit of say a minute, to perform the action, otherwise you may get carried away and forget about the game; the idea is to prolong things, not to have a quickie.

7. Talking Dirty

This will require some practice for both of you, as it’s not an easy thing to do at first. Start off with something easy, such as how it feels to be inside her; describe, in graphic detail what it’s doing to you, ‘You feel so tight on my cock etc,’ go on to what you would like to do to her next, ‘I’m going to rub your clit and finger fuck you ’til you come…’ etc, etc.

Although swearing is all part of dirty talk, don’t be offensive; stick to things like ‘I love fucking you;’ don’t call her something like a ‘dirty bitch,’ (unless she wants you to, of course!)

8. Change Position

In general, we tend to have our favorite positions, and usually stick to the same ones; (if you know it works, ‘Why change it?’ you may ask.)

Because we do not want boredom to creep into bed with us; even if you stick to the usual position, then try doing it in a different room, such as the lounge, or on the kitchen table, or standing up at the bottom of the stairs; this one is great for ‘doggy’ as it can compensate for differences in height.

If she usually cums during missionary, for example, just vary it slightly by lifting her legs over your shoulders; or get her to keep her legs together while you straddle her and then enter. This gives a very different sensation to the usual missionary position.

9. Cock Rings

You may not be familiar with these, but they are available widely these days. They are a device for placing around the base of the erection, and they help to then restrict the blood-flow, (it’s perfectly safe; don’t panic!) helping you to last longer.

If you are too shy to visit an adult store, then there are many on-line retailers, who all offer discreet packaging, so you won’t need to worry about the mailman knowing what you have ordered! These are excellent if you have a tendency to cum too quickly, and will give increased pleasure to both of you.

10. Relax and Take Your Time

Having great sex is not all about the goal of orgasm; (although that is a very nice goal!) it is also about the journey. While there is nothing wrong with a quickie if you both want it, taking time and relaxing will allow you to have better sex every time.

Take the time to make sure that your lady is satisfied, before you are, and that is the best way to make sure that she will want sex more often; some men can be selfish lovers, with their own orgasm being of the utmost importance; well forget about you for a while, and concentrate on her, for therein lies the best way to having great sex.

She will appreciate you all the more for taking the time; and you never know, you might just get rewarded with a quickie next time!

Hope you found this article helpful. Share it with your friends and see if you can help them to improve their sex life. Enjoy 🙂

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