Hair Mask with garlic

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Luxury hair – it is fashionable and prestigious. And for this purpose are in the course of fashionistas all possible tricks. A popular way of improvement was the natural hair care with the use of various herbs, vegetables, fruits. However, garlic is often out of sight of home cosmetic laboratory due to a sharp odor. And absolutely nothing! Its unique medicinal properties have long been known in folk medicine, is well manifested in cosmetics.

Hair Mask with garlic

The benefits of garlic for hair

Effectiveness of garlic as a cosmetic product due not only to the unique vitamin and mineral composition. His volatile possess antibacterial and antifungal properties. This explains its antidandruff effect. Burning taste and pungent smell him give thioethers and allicin, they also stimulate hair growth, causing increased blood flow when applied to the scalp.

Remove garlic smell after rinsing mask can be home, which is composed of apple cider vinegar, citrus juice or tincture of lemon peels.

Hair Loss Lotion helps with garlic

If your hair falls out rapidly, the treatment garlic lotion will help to correct the situation. To this end, 50 g. mash with garlic, pour 200 ml of alcohol, after 2 weeks of strain. Dilute tincture of garlic with water at a ratio of 1: 3, rub in hair roots, wrap up warm for half an hour. The course – 2 months, 2 treatments per week.

Garlic has anti-dandruff

To do this, a large head of garlic crushed in a blender or squeeze through spadefoot. Rub the resulting slurry to the skin, leave for half an hour. With strong burning to keep no more than 10 minutes. Course – 10 sessions in 3 days.

Effective against dandruff and hair mask with garlic and clay. For this 2 tablespoons white or blue clay combine with a spoon gruel garlic and 2 tablespoons of lemon juice. If your hair is dry, you should add the olive oil.

With garlic hair grow faster

Garlic hair mask – good growth stimulator. It can be used once a week. The mask can contain a variety of components. For dry hair suitable vegetable oil, egg yolk, honey. Greasy hair “like” mask with nonfat yogurt, protein and aloe juice or lemon.

There are a few general rules for the use of such funds. Firstly, it can not be used if previously there was an allergy or intolerance to garlic or other components. Secondly, if you feel discomfort and burning, you should immediately wash off the mask, to prevent damage to the scalp.

Just try the onion mask for hair.

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