Hair mask with burdock oil and egg

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Since ancient times people used different ways to strengthen the hair and giving them a better appearance. Previously used the means that were always on hand, prepared themselves for a variety of drugs hair. Uptime means include, in particular, egg albumen and yolk, and the burdock oil. It is known that in the old days, when there was no other way to keep the hair in order to wash the head with the help of egg yolk. Now, with the development of cosmetic industry, these components are often included in special shampoos and balms. With a mixture of burdock oil and egg yolk hair stronger, get fresh and healthy, become shiny.

Hair mask with burdock oil and egg

What burdock oil?

Burdock oil – a tincture of the roots of the burdock. The roots of burdock to grind and to insist on any vegetable oil (better and more affordable all – in olive) during the week. Then the infusion was stored at a low temperature.

Burdock oil is rich in trace elements, vitamins A and E, which is good effect on fat basis.

Burdock oil industrial production is available at the pharmacy or department store cosmetics.

How to make a mask?

To prepare an effective means of hair care products should take about 30 ml of burdock oil to one egg yolk. If the hair is long, it is possible to prepare a mass twice.

Before mixing the ingredients of burdock oil you need to warm up in a water bath to a warm state, and then mix thoroughly with egg yolk.

How to use the hair mask with burdock oil and egg yolk?

To mask operated most efficiently, the hair should be moistened. The mixture is distributed evenly in the direction from root to tip. The mixture is desirable to rub into the skin, massaging the head – it is the impregnation of the hair roots. In the next stage of the procedure on hair wearing a special hat for a shower and wrapped head with a towel. The mask affects at least an hour and leave it on the hair and can be halved. At the end of the procedure the mass washed with shampoo as when shampooing. After washing to the hair balm.

The mask is applied once a week or once every two weeks as a convenience. However, the duration of such procedures must be several months.

If you regularly use a mask for hair Burdock oil and egg yolk, then the hair will get a natural, full of vitamins and trace elements nutrition, will look healthy, well-groomed and beautiful. Especially such masks are recommended for those whose hair is dry, brittle, prone to loss or damage due to staining.

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