Still Not Getting a Girl To Have Sex (it SUCKS)?

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Call it what you will, getting a girl to have sex/get laid/be seduced, can be an easy or a difficult task; which would you prefer?

We may refer to it as different things, but at the end of the day, it amounts to the same thing…you want to get laid, but how do you get a girl to want to have sex with you?

How to Get a Girl to Have Sex
How to Get a Girl to Have Sex

You may not realize it as yet, but you do have the knowledge and capability of seducing that special girl, and getting her to have sex with you, you just need to put that knowledge into practice.

She just wants to be friends

If you already get on as friends, then you are more than halfway there; it means that you share a similar sense of humor, like the same things and probably already have a mutual social network in place.

All of these things mean that you already know each other, and therefore you can move forward to the next stage that much more quickly.

The thing to do now is to convince her that the move is a good thing; there are just two simple things you need to do to move on from being friends, to becoming sexual partners. [Stuck in the friend zone? Read this – 5 Ways to Get Out of the Friend Zone Successfully]

The first thing you need to do is to make her see you as a sexual being, rather than a friend, and the way to do this is as simple as making her laugh. Most girls will say things along the lines of ‘Why are all men the same; why do they just want sex?

WINNING TIP: At this stage, do not lie, and agree with her; say something like, ‘I know what you mean; girls constantly use me for sex…I have feelings too you know!’

This is guaranteed to make her laugh, and see that you are confident enough to have fun with this idea; she will see you as a sexual man, and not an asexual friend…you are already more than halfway there, as women want men, not boys. [Read – What Attracts Women – 7 Things All Women Crave]

What if another man is friendly with her, but makes the move from friendly to sexual, by maybe kissing her?

Don’t leave it until then, be the first to make that move before you lose out to someone else; there are many opportunities to do this.

You can start with a friendly hug, (which you have probably done many times before,) and then tip her chin up to face you, and whisper something like, ‘Have I ever told you how beautiful your eyes are?’

Most women cannot resist a compliment like that, and to then make the transition to a kiss should be relatively easy. Also get some more ideas here – 7 Secrets Pickup Artists Use to Make a Move on a Girl

How to make her think it was all her idea in the first place

You must have heard that many women do not like guys who appear to be too easy…they like the chase as much as men do; if you make yourself unavailable suddenly, you will get her even more interested.

You need to subtly switch roles, and make her come after you, because if you pursue her it can have the effect of putting her on her guard, and she will play hard to get.

Turn the tables, and make her pursue you; it is not a coincidence when you see girls pursue a guy, and you think ‘What has he got that I haven’t?’ or ‘What does she see in him?’ etc.

What she sees in him is the unattainable, and that is what you need to become; do this the right way, and it will work every time, no longer will you be the one doing the chasing and feeling sexual frustration.

Confidence is important

I know that being confident is not easy if it doesn’t come naturally to you, but if you want women to pursue you, and not the other way, then confidence is key.

There are many things that women are attracted to in men, and these include confidence, your body language, and sense of humor, flirting skills, and then your conversation.

You cannot make a woman like you, she needs to feel an attraction to you, and then she will start to like you, and how and what, you talk about. [Read – 9 Steps To Attract Beautiful Women Without Any Effort]

Confidence versus Arrogance

There is a huge difference between showing confidence, and being arrogant; women hate arrogant men. Even if you are not confident, there are ways to fake it, without coming across as arrogant.

1. You need to dress and groom yourself better than the best-dressed person that you expect to meet; this does not have to mean expensive, just well laundered clothes, polished shoes, (shoes are very important to women,) and groomed hair/eyebrows/no nasal hair please!

2. Once you have the outward appearance sorted, (this will help you feel at ease in any situation), then you can work on the inside.

Positive affirmations may make you feel a bit strange at first, but your subconscious mind cannot tell the difference between what is real and what isn’t, so the more you tell yourself things (in the mirror), the more your mind comes to accept them as the truth.

Keep telling yourself things like ‘I look good today,’ ‘I am a great guy,’ ‘I do have the confidence to succeed,’ and your mind will believe you; this will show in your bearing and body language.

3. Focus on ‘calm confidence,’ this means making sure that you appear outwardly calm, even if your insides are doing the cha-cha-cha!

Concentrate on your speech being calm and measured, and also your gestures. Be aware of your hand movements etc. and play them down if you are becoming too garrulous.

Other ‘tricks’ that will help in social situations

1. Hold a drink in the opposite hand to the one you would shake with; not only does this give you something to do with your hands, it also means that the hand that you shake with will not become cold or clammy.

2. If you are a smoker, and know that it helps you calm your nerves, try not to do it before you meet someone, or during the first little while of talking to them.

Wait and see if they smoke too, and that will instantly give you a rapport; there is so much backlash against smokers these days that you can very much feel like an outsider. Having this in common ‘binds’ you into the same ‘naughty corner.’

3. Watch out for your caffeine intake; this is a well-known stimulant, and too much will make you feel nervous and ‘jumpy.’

4. Shut the hell up!! Nervous people keep on talking, even when they know they shouldn’t; relax and take a mental step back, and let her talk. Women love a man who listens, so try to take an interest, even if she is talking about shoes!

5. Fake it! If you can appear confident, even when you are not, then you have the technique already; and remember, that practice makes perfect.

Final thoughts

You have found the girl you want to have sex with; you have got her interested in you; you are a well-groomed and confident man…now what?

Plan, plan and then plan again; there is nothing remotely sexy in having a fumble in a car or alley-way (unless you are teenagers and have nowhere else to go!) I am assuming that you are a grown-up, who either has their own place, or at the very least, shares somewhere.

Make sure that the evening you have planned goes well, by either offering a swap with your flat-mate (If you go out tonight, then I will do the same for you,) or by asking your parents (or whoever) to do you a favor by letting you have the place to yourself…offer to cook for them, or do the washing-up, whatever it takes to ensure your privacy!

CLEAN LAUNDRY ON THE BED!! I cannot stress enough the importance of this one, (and no dubious underwear/porn mags littering the floor.)

Set the scene before you return, with suitable lighting, candles, and a nice bottle of wine in the fridge. Relax and enjoy…you have now succeeded in getting a girl to have sex!

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