How to Get Your Man In The Mood Anytime, Anyplace

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Want to know how to get him in the mood anytime and anyplace? Even during the big game? These fail-proof tricks are sure to get his full attention.

How to Get Him In The Mood
How to Get Him In The Mood

When your man tells you that he’s not in the mood, it can stir up feelings of confusion, rejection, and frustration. It’s not normal, right?

Men aren’t usually the type to avoid or say no to sex, especially when women initiate, so there must be something wrong with you, right? Wrong.

Actually, men trading in sex for a beer or a good night’s sleep happens more often than we all think.

This phase usually doesn’t last too long, and soon enough they’re back to their horny selves, but sometimes these phases couldn’t happen at a worse time, and women end up feeling frustrated at their partner’s lack of enthusiasm.

There are many reasons why a man’s sex drive takes a dive.

It could be because of stress, or it may be a side effect of a medication he’s taking. [Read – The 100% Safe and Best Methods To Increase Libido]

There are also emotional and physiological factors to consider, but whatever reasons he has for passing up an opportunity to get sexy with you, there are ways to get him excited to do the deed with you whenever you want. Below are few you can try:

Spice It Up a Little

When things get a little bit mechanical and routine in the bedroom, your usual seduction techniques may not work as well as it used to.

Men need variety, but this doesn’t mean you have to try something new every time. Just make sure you break the routine every now and then, and that may just break the cold spell.

Don’t Push It

Men tend to pressure themselves to perform even when they’re not in the mood out of fear that their wives or girlfriends would think less of them if they don’t. Unfortunately, this can take a toll on them and they may refuse to make love with their partners if they feel that they can’t please them.

Ease up a bit and give him some leeway if he’s not in the mood. This way he will feel more relaxed and he can be back in the groove.

Give Him Something to Look Forward To

Some men need time to get in the mood. Why not start when he wakes up in the morning. Whisper in his ear and let him know what you plan to do to him when he gets home.

Follow this up by sending a few sexy text messages throughout the day. By the end of the day, he’ll be rushing home to take you up on your promises.

Make The First Move

If your man usually initiates contact, then expect a dry spell if he’s not in the mood. There’s nothing wrong about being proactive in getting what you want.

If you want to have sex with your man, let him know. Kiss him, undress him, and push him onto the bed. That’s sure to get his blood pumping.

Make an Effort to Look Nice

Remember when you and your boyfriend or husband just started dating? You couldn’t keep your hands off each other and sex was abundant. As time passes, we become more comfortable with our partners and we lose the romance.

Keep the attraction alive by fixing your hair and dressing up nicely. He may not notice it at first (they are still men, after all), but if you maintain a youthful sexy look, he’s bound to take notice eventually. Besides, looking good makes you feel good about yourself, too.

Bring the Romance Back

Women aren’t the only ones who want romance in their lives. Though they don’t want to admit it most of the time, men also want the whole enchilada. The romantic lines, candlelit dinners or walks on the beach.

Set up a romantic date and reminisce on old times. When the romance is back, his sex drive will surely follow.

Go for Quickies

Some women don’t like quickies because it doesn’t connect partners the way prolonged lovemaking can, but sometimes a quickie in the morning can be a prelude to the main event as it gives him something to look forward to at night.

Also, if he’s too tired to have sex when he gets home from work, a quickie is a good compromise to keep both of you happy.

Stimulate His Senses

There are so many things you can do to tantalize the senses and get your man in the mood. You can choose the most effective one or do a combination of both. Wear that perfume he got you because you know it drives him crazy.

Play romantic or sensual music while having dinner. You can also serve food with aphrodisiacs like oysters, chocolate, or a hint of chili. Wearing that dress that he loves to see you in is also a good idea.

When you’ve got him where you want him, seal the deal with a sensual massage. Use light even strokes to feel his back, arms, legs and thighs and watch sparks fly between the two of you.


Spend quality time with each other. Go on an adventure, or stay at home with your man for a movie marathon. Enjoying each other’s company can solidify your relationship and clear the air of any issues that are causing him to shy away from sex.

Doing relaxing activities together can also stir up sensual feelings that can lead to hot and steamy sex later on. [Read – 10 Mind-Blowing Tips To Have a GREAT & SPICY Sex Life]


If you’ve tried everything you can think of, but he’s still not in the mood, then there may be a problem with your relationship. If you don’t talk about it, things will only get worse.

You may be surprised at what you’ll learn about your man if you just sit down and talk about the problem. Also, men can’t read minds, so tell your partner how you feel about not being able to share intimate moments with him.

If he’s having some physiological problems that he’s embarrassed to tell you about, assure him that it’s alright and that both of you should see a doctor to correct the issue and get your sex life back.

You know your man better than anyone else, so deep inside you know how to get your man in the mood.

When the tables are turned and you’re getting the cold shoulder, don’t be afraid to take action when you feel you’re not getting enough sex from your partner. He’ll surely thank you for your effort and will repay you by making you moan with pleasure.

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