5 Ways to Get Out of the Friend Zone Successfully

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Are you ready to go further but simply do not know how to get out of the friend zone? Here are five definite ways to make sure you never get stuck in that zone.

How to Get Out of the Friend Zone
How to Get Out of the Friend Zone

There is nothing more agonizing than not knowing how to get out of the friend zone, especially when you are so keen to stop being JUST FRIENDS.

When you do not know the specific steps to maneuver, it will help to at least be aware that there is certainly something you can do to further your relationship with her.

But first, why does this happen?

Guys get stuck in the friend zone without realizing that they have brought it upon themselves. You want to be more than friends? Then make her see you more than like a friend.

You need to learn the ‘women skills’ that will direct her into being attracted to you. The good thing about attraction is that it is not controlled. Once it is there, your girl will follow through. If you have not made her attracted to you, then for sure, you will stay put in the friend zone.

Knowing now what you may be doing wrong, it is time to stop making fancy dream that you will just magically get out of the friend zone.

Here are 5 great advices that can help you start making your walk into becoming more than friends.

Advice No. 1: Do not expect that getting closer to her as a friend will help you get closer to her in becoming more than friends

While it is true that most great romantic relationships usually start with being good friends, it is not exactly right to push this fact to its limits. We, women, appreciate a man for a great buddy but if you appear too perfect as a friend, we might opt to simply make you just one.

When you act like a loving brother or a caring best friend or a loyal chitchat companion, you will definitely be treated as one. I am not trying to say that you must stop being such, but know when it is too much.

Advice No. 2: Be clear about your intentions

It may be hard to believe, but women can be so naïve sometimes. We can take you for what you are or how you show you are.

Every little act of kindness we get from you does not always translate to being interested or attracted. Those actions will simply make us see you as ‘kind’ or ‘nice’; and these are great qualities but are not often the basis for us to feel something more for someone.

It is not about controlling your acts of kindness, it is about being CLEAR about your intentions about those actions.

Being really nice to her will NOT necessarily lead her to think that you are interested, and those are the kinds of thoughts you want to stir in the mind of a girl you like — because we love to know someone is interested in us.

Advice No. 3: Never rely on her to brew the initial steps for you two.

In courtship, women almost always play the passive role. It is not because we are always expecting the man to do the first move, but it is because we tend to play safe and not have wishful assumptions.

I know, that may truly sound totally unfair. Why will she not make moves if ever she likes you too? That is certainly a valid question, but that works from your side too 😉

Why be subtle if you are deeply smitten with her???

Chances are, she hardly knows how you feel. And, again, our hearts get fonder upon learning that someone is into us. We might be in shock at first, yes. But it opens good options to make us think how it will be like to be more than friends.

Be a man and stand up for what you feel for her. This boosts your chances to make her attracted to you.

Advice No. 4: Learn how to demonstrate your interest in her.

One important fact you need to know is that the most common reason why we, women, do not feel being more than friends with a man is because he has not made the necessary interactions to move the relationship towards that direction.

The first thing to be done to get out of the friend zone is to decide that you do not want to get stuck inside that zone; that is, you really have to make your moves — and you have to make your moves soon enough. [Read – How to Make a Move On a Girl for the First Time]

If not, your lady friend may think you lack the COURAGE to go further with her or you do not feel that kind of attraction towards her. This will certainly make her jump into this painful conclusion of ‘sure, let us just be friends‘.

What exactly are the kinds of moves that we appreciate? You can be as bold as telling the woman you like that you like her; it does not have to be so dramatic, you can be as casual as you may sound. But Do NOT make it too casual that you do not seem so serious about the attraction you have for her.

If it is such a great leap to confess your true feelings, a good starting point is to express genuine compliments to her. Tell her what you find special about her, what specific qualities or skills you admire in her or simply put, what exactly it is that made you feel interested into becoming more than friends.

When you cannot directly say how you feel towards someone, just express the reasons behind your emotions. We (women) thrive in compliments and praises. We love being appreciated for what we do or what we have. It can turn us on. Just always remember to make it sincere and not forced.

Advice No. 5: It is no use being afraid to lose anything.

The most popular cliché when asked, “Why have you not made your move yet?” is “I am too scared to lose her as a friend”. No one is undermining that statement, but really, you can be losing your wife for all you know.

Remember that it is more painful to have regrets about the things you have NOT done over the things you have done.

Admit it, there is just so much to gain if you will only have enough balls to make a stand. You do not want to be haunted by enormous what if’s in the distant future.

And though things may possibly get awkward after having your feelings known to your lady friend, it remains not a valid and logical reason to end the friendship right there and then; unless of course you are going to a better zone of relationship.

In the end, it is ultimately about what you are willing to give that can open the doors to what you can achieve.

It is convenient to say that these advices are easier-said-than-done or are simply relevant in a perfect world. Say, the walls around the friend zone are not coming from your end.

The girl of your life may have a strong background or reason for choosing not to get out of the friend zone. But this TRUTH remains: the important task of breaking down the wall around the friend zone is your responsibility.

You give up, your story is over. It may not sound a very good news but this is actually favorable to you. Why? Because it makes you the captain of this rollercoaster journey.

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