15 Awesomely Easy Ways to Get Him to Propose Fast

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Is your boyfriend lagging in the proposal department? Read about 15 awesomely easy ways that can teach you how to get him to propose!

Boyfriend Proposing Girlfriend
Boyfriend Proposing Girlfriend

Many women are searching for answers on how to get him to propose. Whether it is a long term relationship that seems to be going nowhere, or you’ve talked it over but no final move has been made there are some tips you can do to push things in the matrimonial direction.

1. Be the Best Girlfriend

One of the most effective ways to get your man to propose is to show him that you would be a good wife, by being a good girlfriend.

If you are always nagging and fail to treat him well, he is going to imagine that for the rest of his life. And who wants that?

Try and take him on a surprise date now and again or get tickets for him and his friends to a game you know they are dying to see. [Read – The 23 Fun and Cutest Things to Do With Your Boyfriend]

2. Show Him You Care

Show him that you truly care by getting to know him…and then show him that you know. It can be meaningful to show him that you know his favorite athletes by name or whether he is ticklish.

3. Do Some Household Chores

Now and again it is good to make him a nice homemade meal. You don’t need to go overboard and turn in to Emily Post in 1950′s garb, but show him what is in store for him if he were to propose.

Warm his towels in the morning in the dryer while he is in the shower and iron his shirts on a day you know he has something big at work.

4. Introduce Marriage Slowly

Make sure he knows how you feel by talking about how certain places would be great for a marriage or a honeymoon. Next time you go on vacation mention how romantic the location would be for a honeymoon that way he knows it is in the back of your mind.

5. Clear Up Gender Confusion

It seems like men are always less eager to marry than women and that is actually true. Because of the changing roles in society women are no longer the Damsel in Distress that men were able to rescue, provide for, and care for.

Now we are successful and strong and our independence confuses the role men play in the relationship. It is a man’s natural, masculine instinct to protect women but meanwhile we continue to stand firm that we don’t need any protection and it leaves men confused.

Of course that DOES NOT mean you have to get rid of equal rights to get a proposal. It just means you need to let him know that he is needed and you feel as though you belong to him. He needs to know that he is your knight in shining armor.

6. Don’t Push

Even if you have been together for years and he hasn’t gone out to look at rings you must remember not to push.

Give him time to mull over the idea after you have introduced it and focus on keeping the relationship healthy and happy rather than pestering him about marriage. But on a side note: if you don’t want to wait, take a good look at your relationship.

Most women know instinctively whether there is “forever” potential or not whether there are commitment signals or not.

Be honest with yourself. If you do feel commitment toward one another maybe you need to assess what could be holding him back…[Read – 7 Obvious Signs He Is Ready To Commit]

7. Remove His Fear

If your man hasn’t proposed yet, maybe it’s not the idea of marriage that scares him but the fear of rejection. The proposal is a huge deal for men because if you say “no” it is the ultimate rejection.

Maybe he wants to propose but he is afraid you won’t say “YES”. Take a moment to look at how your relationship has been recently. If you guys are experiencing a high amount of stress or arguing regularly he may take your hot and cold attitude as a sign that you won’t accept.

In order to fix this, start showing him that you care and want to patch things between you. Start apologizing when you know you should, listen to him when he is talking, and make an effort to spend intimate time together.

You need your relationship to be built on a foundation of communication, love, and trust or it won’t be worth the proposal anyway.

8. Respect Him

He needs respect. You wouldn’t want to spend your life with someone who constantly puts you down and neither would he.

If you notice yourself always telling him what to do, what to wear, where to exit, when to get a haircut… then you are setting yourself up for a distant relationship that never ends in marital bliss. [Read – I Don’t Have a Boyfriend – What am I Doing Wrong?]

This is not to say that you shouldn’t make him pull his own weight in terms of join decisions or housework, but if you nag him and bring him down he is going to run away. Instead, try to address issues like housework in a calm manner and make sure he knows that you appreciate his efforts.

If a man feels disrespected he will withdraw. If he feels admired he will step up to the plate. While men may be dense sometimes, they can pick up on your demeanor and body language. Only if you truly respect him can it make for a great relationship.

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