6 Tips To Get Any Guy to Chase You

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How to get a guy to chase you in spite of everything is a big secret which only the most desired by women have known so far. But here it is now for people like you and me. So why wait any longer?

Get A Guy to Chase You
Get A Guy to Chase You

How to get a guy to chase you is the first step towards a lasting relationship. A relationship that works wonders to your life is one that gives you the best feeling everyday that you wake up with him on the bed.

The only time when you can get that to happen is when you can make you can make a guy go head over heels over you. And please don’t PANIC or throw up your arms in air in desperation thinking that such an art is the sole property of that small segment of women who are really endowed.

It is assured that you too can achieve all that in a very short time. All that you need to have is read the following points and choose a man who is your best idea of fantasy – the ideal man – dark, charming and absolutely handsome.

Once you do that, you just need to follow all the points that are discussed here with complete passion and perseverance.

Of course, it goes without saying that you need to have a strong FAITH that whatever you are trying from the suggestions listed here really works. And voila, you are the master of the art on how to get a guy to chase you in no time!

Be What You Are

Be yourself – not only when it comes to having a man to chase you, but even otherwise. It helps in building your self-esteem and confidence. The point is, you are only one of your kind – UNIQUE, so why spoil it by trying to be someone else?

Make your uniqueness work on your charm. Your confident self as you are is much more attractive to a man than the supermodel that you get to see on an ad and whom you try to imitate.

Independence is Irresistible

Often, making a guy go crazy over you is not about the physical element of how you look. Experts have found that it is the personality traits that often attract a guy to a long standing relationship. [Read – 7 Ways to Attract a Guy That You Need To Start Following]

  • Start thinking about how you can showcase your independent trait to him.
  • Start having fun out all by yourself.
  • Have your own set of girl friends.
  • Do things that you otherwise thought would be impossible to do without him.

Just show the guy how you can manage anything by yourself and how strong you are. Almost every guy is turned on to those women who have this independent streak. So sticking with a man every moment of your life is not as productive as you have assumed it to be.

Work on Your Goals

Do not ever ignore your goals – be it the professional ones, or your most cherished hobby, in the pursuit of a man. If you give up on your dreams and try to work your life around your man, you will only be making him feel claustrophobic.

So start setting some goals and see to it that you achieve them, no matter what. You will get to realize how you can make even that shy guy go crazy over you.

Listen, Observe, Be Thoughtful

Watch for his moods before bringing in conversations that demand his attention and thought. Inquire about his day and be empathetic over what he says. The last thing a man needs is a woman’s judgment! So refrain yourself from passing any blind comments or remarks.

Give him suggestions only if he asks for it. Everyone needs a patient ear and an understanding soul. [Read – What Men Want – Are Men Really Only After One Thing]

However super successful or strong a man is, there always exist a few areas in his life where he looks for advise, support and understanding. When you notice any of such moments coming up, grab it up and offer all that he needs without any restraint.

Be that empathetic and thoughtful soul to him and you will soon say that how to get a guy to chase you in any kind of setting is actually not such an uphill task.

The Right Attitude Makes You More Attractive

Do away with that gloomy look and watch what you are saying. Tell yourself not to grumble or scream whenever you are facing with something that you did not desire.

If you act like a wild and mad GORILLA you cannot expect your man to still come to you, leave alone go crazy for you! Oh what a torture it would be for any to live in the vicinity of someone so ill tempered 🙁

Be mindful of that and learn to carry yourself charmingly. Use your wit and wisdom. They are such wonderful assets that can turn you into the most irresistible person around even if you do not actually have the best face or vital statistics around.

The right attitude is not something that you cannot cultivate or learn. Check your weaknesses with regard to it, make corrections, improve and improvise!

Looks and Grooming

It is not really needed for you to be a beauty queen to get the man after your heart chase you. What is more important is to know those physical features on your body that are your assets. 😉

Play up on your assets so that your features that are liabilities (could be a broad nose, or a bulging bottom…) go out of focus and are never noticed by the guy. After that, give attention to the grooming aspect.

No body ODOR. Yes, absolutely no body odor.

It is such a great put off that even the rich and otherwise beautiful women have been turned down by many a prospective guy, leave alone chase them!

Keep your nails clean and beautiful. A regular pedicure and manicure would help greatly. Consider your oral hygiene. It is better to use a mouth fresher before you are out with your man or if you are planning anything cozy for the evening with him.

Making a guy go crazy over you is no TOUGH challenge if you know the right tricks to it. Give it a little time and work the above suggestions into your life with patience. You will be amazed at how the guy just falls for it.

It works with all men – be it your new boyfriend, or the husband that you have been married to for over two decades. In fact it is no tough game at all, so why not you try it instead of sulking that your life is not as peppy as you want it to be.

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