The 23 Fun and Cutest Things to Do With Your Boyfriend

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It doesn’t take a surge of inspiration to find fun & cute things to do with your boyfriend. All you need is some time together and a little imagination.

Fun Things With Your Boyfriend
Fun Things With Your Boyfriend

If you’ve been dating the same guy for some time now, you may find yourself running out of fun and exciting activities to do with him.

Don’t fret, because there are so many ways you can spend quality time with your man.

As long as you enjoy each other’s company, it really doesn’t matter what you do or where you go. Of course, you would want to change things up a little from time to time and do something really special with him.

Fun and Fabulous Date Ideas

You don’t really have to spend too much money to plan the best date ever, but it may take a little bit of planning. Here are 23 exciting and fun activities you and your boyfriend can try to shake up date night every once in a while.

1. Bring out the video game console

If your boyfriend loves to play video games (and he most likely does) choose a video game that he likes and challenge him to a two-player video game marathon.

2. Get the popcorn

It’s movie time. Pick out a mix of movies you both like or choose some of his films with his favorite celebrity and alternate them with movies you like to watch, and invite him over to your place for a movie marathon.

You can also get a DVD of television shows you both like and watch an entire season together. Make sure you are well stocked with all the essentials like snacks and drinks, because it’s going to be a long, but fun date.

3. Bored?

Play board games! Board games may have been invented to provide families with wholesome fun, but who says couples can’t enjoy it once in a while? You can spice it up by challenging the loser to a dare of giving the winner a sexy prize.

4. Hit the beach together

The sun, sand, and sea hold an abundance of fun activities you and your boyfriend can do together. You can learn how to surf together or just lay side by side on the sand and catch some rays. Just make sure that you don’t invite your friends so you can give each other your undivided attention.

5. Treat your boyfriend to a day at the spa

If your boyfriend is constantly stressed at work or school, you can help him relieve that tension by going for a couple’s massage at the nearest spa. Not only is it a good stress reliever, the peaceful and serene atmosphere in the spa is perfect for some bonding time. [Read – 13 Different Ways to Wear Mens Short Hairstyles]

6. Go camping

If you’re both the outdoorsy type, then spending the night together under the stars would be the perfect weekend date.

7. Take him on a picnic

This may sound like a cliché thing to do, but picnics are a fun way to spend an afternoon together. You can plan it ahead of time, or just go on a whim when it’s warm and sunny outside.

8. Go to a carnival or theme park

What’s more fun than going on fast rides and playing shooting games at a theme park or carnival? You can spend the whole day together enjoying the attractions the theme park has to offer and when you need to take a break, just sit down on a bench and watch people as they pass by while having a snack.

9. Have a cook-off

Find out who is the better cook. Cook one dish each and have fun competing against each other. Call some common friends to do a blind taste test to determine the winner or just enjoy the food you cooked by yourselves.

10. Start a workout regimen you can do together

Exercising is a lot more fun if you have a workout partner. Not only are you able to spend more time together, you’re also getting fit together.

11. Karaoke!

Singing in front of an audience is something a person does at least once in their life. If you’re brave enough to do it, why not do it with someone you care about? It doesn’t matter whether you can sing or not, just as long as you’re having fun and making wonderful memories together. That’s the whole point of karaoke, right?

12. Dust off your old roller skates

Roller skating may have lost its hip factor after the 80s came and went, but it’s still a lot of fun, so bring out your old roller skates and head down to the nearest roller rink for a fun night on wheels.

13. Go on a road trip

If both of you are adventurous, just fill up your car’s gas tank, hop on and drive. If driving aimlessly doesn’t suit your style, find a place to go and map out the route you’re going to take. It’s just going to be as much fun.

14. Do a photo shoot

Unleash the model or photographer in you. Take turns behind the camera and take pictures of each other. Strike a pose in front of the camera or just capture fun candid moments as you spend some quality time together.

15. Watch a classic horror flick

If there’s a classic horror movie playing in theaters, then buy a ticket and scare yourselves silly, you can also rent a scary movie and watch it in the comfort of your own home. Perfect time for cuddling.

16. Make a dance video and upload it to YouTube

Jump on the viral dance video bandwagon and strut your stuff in front of the camera. There’s always a new dance craze circulating in cyberspace so you can just copy that and add your own flavor to it, or if you can come up with your own dance steps and start the craze yourself.

17. Spend the day watching viral videos

Since we’re already on the subject of viral videos, why not just sit in front of the computer and go through some of the most popular videos online.

18. Make a splash in an inflatable pool

No beach or swimming pool nearby? No problem. Buy an inflatable pool and set it up in your backyard and have fun splashing around on a hot summer day. Sprinkler systems are also a good alternative.

19. Face your fears together

Is the thought of bungee jumping making your heart stop? The best way to conquer your fears is if you have someone with you who supports you. It’s not only a lot of fun, it strengthens your bond and the trust that you have for each other.

20. Take dance classes together

Learn how to dance the rumba or the samba, the tango or even the Macarena. There are a lot of dance schools out there that offer affordable rates, but you may have to spend more if you want private lessons.

21. Bake cupcakes and decorate them together

Have some messy fun with your boyfriend while attempting to bake a cake. It’s messy because you surely won’t be able to resist the temptation to start a food fight.

22. Play sports together

Strike up some friendly competition by challenging your boyfriend to a one-on-one basketball game or a tennis match. Decide on a great prize for the winner and watch the sparks fly.

23. Wash his car together

Helping him wash his car hits two birds with one stone. He saves money on a professional car wash (which he can spend on you) and you get to have some soapy fun using a garden hose and a bucket full of water as weapons for a water fight.

There are a lot more fun activities you can enjoy with your boyfriend. You don’t have to make extravagant plans to pull it off. Just do what comes naturally to the two of you and you’ll surely find fun things to do with your boyfriend.

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