French makeup – step by step instructions (photo)

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Now fashion minimalism, so the French makeup just to meet this condition. To make it yourself at home easy.

French makeup - step by step instructions (photo)

French women can rightly be called trendsetter not only fashion, but also beauty. What is so special about the French makeup? We will understand.

The characteristic features of the French makeup

French makeup characterize mainly two elements. This graphic arrows and bright red lips. Today the rules of color are not strictly observed, so the arrow and lipstick can be any color. For example, the bold ladies prefer a bright blue and purple eyeliner.
But it retained one important rule of the French makeup: the arrow should be pointed shape and be long enough. It perfectly accentuate the lash line and visually make them denser.

French makeup - step by step instructions (photo)

With spectacular arrows perfectly combines bright, juicy lip color that can be bright red, crimson, pink, purple and other saturated hues.

Lips can be painted in two ways. The classic version – first cut around the outline with a pencil in the tone of lipstick, and then the entire surface of the lips is well paint a bright matte lipstick. More than a way to everyday use – apply lipstick or lip gloss without contour pencil. This option is more popular by using purple lipstick.

Luscious lips and draw an arrow right fit for all women. At first glance, it may seem that, for example, the owners of eye shape with overhanging eyelids lowered corners of eyes or graphical arrows do not go, as do look gloomy and sad. In fact, you just need to know how to choose the arrow to the particular shape of the eye. Then the French makeup will help to create an attractive image.

How to do the French makeup?

1) First of all, take care of your skin. Your task – to hide all its flaws, particularly redness and shine. After all, the French are trying to make the skin perfectly matte.

However, it should not be too tanned. Therefore it is better to use a foundation and powder in your skin tone, or slightly lighter.

2) On the mobile eyelid, apply a shade of corporal or beige-white. Can a mother of pearl. Then draw an arrow jet-black eyeliner.

French makeup - step by step instructions (photo)

If you are, too light eyebrows may slightly tint of brown or gray pencil. But do not overdo it: in the French makeup should not be accentuated.

3) On the lashes, apply two thick layers of black mascara.

French makeup - step by step instructions (photo)

4) French lip makeup should be executed perfectly, as they attract the main attention. First, put on a little lip transparent powder to lipstick is best to keep. Then emphasize the contour of the lips with a pencil, and the rest of the region paint a matte lipstick.

To paint over wrinkles on the lips, use a special brush for lipstick.

If you want to look more luscious lips, apply a little lipstick on top of a transparent gloss.
French makeup - step by step instructions (photo)

5) And the final addition – emphasize cheekbones soft pink blush.

French makeup ready!

French makeup - step by step instructions (photo)

Now you can safely decorate the world.

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