What to Do On a First Date – First Date Tips and Ideas For Women

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Going on a first date can challenge even the most experienced dater. Here are some great ways to break the ice and ensure that you do not create a first date faux pas.

First Date Tips And Ideas
First Date Tips And Ideas

First Date Tips and IdeasDating someone new is always exciting, the butterflies you feel in your stomach and the endless questions that run through your mind.

Is he the one for me? Will this date tank? What will I wear? And most importantly – what will you do?

A first date is like a beginning of sorts, and impressions matter, in a big way. It sets the tone for your relationship that is, if it progresses that far.

If this is your first date in a long time – whether off a break up or divorce, it can be that much harder to plan and put yourself out there. To help break the ice, here are a few ideas for that first date that will help you overcome your fears.

Keep it Simple, Yet Fun

Don’t go overboard planning a romantic date. It is important that you allow your relationship time to develop first, before you make this effort. Yes, women like to be romanced, and we like to romance as well, but there is a time and place for everything and a first date may be too soon.

Set up a simple date whether a lunch or dinner date where you can talk to each other and get to know one another better. Communication is important in a relationship and starting off with communication is a good sign.

Avoid places where you will not have to communicate much, like the movies. Let’s face it movies are a place where teenagers go on dates when they are first starting out, not necessarily adults.

While there is absolutely nothing wrong with taking in a flick or two, you really should save this for a future date after you have already broken the ice.

Casual is Always Best

While you may not think anything of dressing up and going to fancy restaurant, you may not realize that your date may not feel the same way. Perhaps they are a tradesman for a living and dressing up makes them feel uncomfortable.

It is far more important to keep first dates casual and progress to fancier evenings out. If your date is dancing, for example, then by all means dress up for the event, but don’t make it a mandatory first date requirement. [Read – What To Wear On First Date and Make Sure There is Second]

Dressing casually creates an atmosphere of comfort, especially on an occasion where nerves are apt to get the best of you. You and your date will be more likely to let your hair down, so to speak, and get to know one another a little more candidly.

Don’t Get Too Personal

One thing that seems to be a major turn off for men is the fact that we, as women, tend to think that it is okay to share details of our personal lives. [Read – 6 Very Irritating Things Women Do That Turn Men Off]

While it is okay to do so with your partner that you have been dating for quite some time, unloading your personal details on a first date is going to overwhelm him. Instead, focus on common interests.

Talk about yourself, but not too much – ask him questions about his life as well. You can feel free to share details such as kids, career, etc. but keep the conversation clear of any mentions of your ex – whether it was an amicable split or not.

Stay Positive

If you start your date off talking about all the negativity in your life, your date is likely going to want to run in the other direction, wouldn’t you?

Keep your conversation positive, talk about what you do, what you are passionate about. Steer the conversation away from negative elements as best as you can.

By being positive and putting a positive spin on your life, you are showing your date that you are an optimistic person. Optimism goes a long way – further than pessimism ever will.

Looking for Ideas for a First Date?

Now that you know what you should and shouldn’t do on a first date, you have to find the perfect place to have it. It is not recommended that you invite anyone over to your house that you have not met before.

Besides, that kind of raises the expectations of a date, whether you meant to or not. Instead choose one of these ideas:

=> Late lunch, Early Dinner – These dates will allow you to take the necessary time to get to know one another without having a crowd around you. It promotes an easier atmosphere that is not too formal, but yet allows you to get out of the house.

=> Walk or Picnic in the Park – if you are a nature lover, you can share this with your date – providing you live within close proximity to a park. Set up a casual picnic for you both. Bonus – you get to wow him with your cooking prowess! Can’t cook? No problem – set up a catered lunch with takeout for two.

=> Bowling or Other Recreation – What better way to spend the date than enjoying an activity that you both like? Bowling is a great way to spend a first date as it allows you to have fun in a casual environment.

Plus, if you aren’t that great, you can break the ice by having your date share a few tips with you – or the other way round.

The truth is, it doesn’t really matter where you have your date. The most important part is that you remain true to yourself and put your best foot forward. You will either impress your date, or not.

Hey, you might not even want to move forward yourself. Instead, go out with the intention of having fun and seeing where the night takes you.

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