Top 9 First Date Questions For a Successful First Date

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Guaranteed first-date questions that will make a second date a reality!

First Date Questions.
First Date Questions.

He finally agreed to go on a date with you.

You somehow managed to find the ideal first date outfit, now all that’s left is how to talk up this perfect stranger you’ve only been lusting over from afar!

Because were sensing a panic attack approaching, lets all calm down and read further down.

We have came up with oh-so-witty and flirty questions you could ask your date. We truly hope, this will lead to a second date, but what we know for sure is that the first one is going to be a HIT!

1. You want to play a game?

Instant win! Men LOVE a playful girl—in all aspects of life! If he actually agrees, you need to have a game planned. Don’t need to be something complex.

For instance, you could ask him to close his eyes and describe your face, or what you’re wearing (extra sexy points here!).

Don’t forget to put a prize, they love fighting over a prize! You can choose your award to be as flirty and risky as you feel comfortable with; a kiss on the cheek, buying a round of drinks, paying for the next date (cheeky you!)

2. What are you thinking of right now?

This is a question he is not expecting to hear. He will surely be surprised for a moment, so give him time to gather up his thoughts! Its a perfect first date question because it goes deep into his mind.

Even if you do not have permission to get in there, with this question you boldly make a move, and yes, men dig that!

3. If life was a movie genre what would yours be? An action movie, a romance or a horror film etc.

Get to know his viewpoint on life through this seemingly light question. Will it be a tragedy or a science fiction movie?

His answer will give you hints as to how strong and prepared he is for taking up life’s challenges! Whats more, once you get your answer you can always continue talking about your favorite films and artists!

4. I feel adventurous, I want to try this Indian curry, want to share the hotness?

Unless he really, really dislikes spicy food or has a problem eating it, he wont reject such a challenge coming from you!

This is a lovely idea to show him how playful and daring you can be. Men love to be pleasantly surprised, they like unpredictability and a girl who’s not afraid to go after what she wants. [Read – What Men Want – Are Men Really Only After One Thing?]

5. Whats the scariest thing you’ve ever done?

Asking the kind of questions that will make him talk a lot about him are super-efficient. Everyone loves talking about themselves, so giving him such an opportunity is rather necessary!

Moreover, this question is very flattering; it focuses on his bold spirit and his life accomplishments. It gives him the chance to brag and most importantly, its you that gives him this opportunity, so he can actually enjoy boasting about himself without coming off as conceited!

6. Is there a place on this Earth you would like to live in? Even permanently?

A great question to get to know is his life’s ambitions and aspirations, as well as his view on permanence and stability. Whether hes still in for the fun or looking for something permanent and exclusive will be answered through this question.

Taking the lead from this question you can possibly ask so many more about his traveling, his world culture knowledge and other such interests. You vs Awkward Silences: 1-0!

7. Whats the best thing that happened today?

It looks like you will be fishing for compliments (well, perhaps!) but the bottom line is to assess how he tends to evaluate life and all the small things.

Will he focus on something trivial or something that he saw on the street and astonished, or made him laugh?

Of course you wouldn’t mind if he told you your date has been the highlight of the day and he actually hopes for some fireworks later on!

8. Whats the most wrong impression people usually get from you

With such a question you get deep into his mind; you’re asking him for once to voice a complaint he has from many people. So even if only briefly, you give him an emotional channel and chance to express that frustration.

Most of us happen to give wrong impressions, looking too aloof, too vain, too conceited etc. So, there you are, giving him a very valuable opportunity he will certainly appreciate it— in someway or another!

9. What did your first kiss felt like?

Easing into romantic and sexual questions is never easy, but this question can save you the awkwardness of essentially introducing the sex talk yourself. He will surely appreciate the effort and take on from there!

This is an ideal first date question as it probes into three crucial parts of his life: his childhood, his first (possibly) romantic love and one of the first ever sexual activities he ever engaged in.

First kisses are always remembered as funny, awkward or plain perfect. Let him travel back to those days and watch him getting lost in the magic of his first puppy love!

You can switch him back to your reality with something of the sort: “What you think if we acted that kiss out, you’ll guide, I will follow!” 😉

The Do’s and Don’ts of a First Date

You cannot possibly expect to cover all hot issues over the course of a two-hour date. You should avoid:

  • Talking bad about your ex’s and past romantic experiences
  • Incessantly talk. Let him speak his mind too!
  • Talk obsessively or keep bringing up your ex’s
  • Boast about things that you don’t do, have or mean.
  • Lie
  • AVOID topics that are negative or controversial; the economic recession, wars, elections and politics, world hunger, the environmental crisis and so on. You aim is to be pleasant not make him lose the will to live!

But, make sure instead that you focus on things such as:

  • Him! Let him do the talking, and feel as though you’re truly interested in getting to know him.
  • Flirt as much as you think is appropriate, but only if you want to!
  • Be honest, but not rude – ladies are supposed to have a decent amount of tact
  • Discuss positive and fun things such as pop culture, your friends, funny incidents and memories. You must keep it light at all costs.
  • When conversation turns too deep, return it to a lighter state by making a joke, mentioning a funny video you watched etc.
  • Focus on him, our eyes can tell a lot, more than our whole body and language can. So if you truly like him, let him see that! [Read – 3 Uncomplicated Ways To Tell Someone You Love Them]

With our 9 fail-proof first date questions you will manage to make a hell of a first impression: be flirty but not overly upfront about sex, sound witty but not smug, show great interest in his aspirations, memories and life and give him a chance to talk rather than hearing you tattle the night away! Success is certain!

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