Financial Status DOES Matter In Love

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Is it right to say that love doesn’t cost a thing, or is love doesn’t pay the bills more appropriate? How important is financial status in love?

How Money Affects Relationships
How Money Affects Relationships

Love is a matter of the heart, so what has the wallet got to do with it?

The answer is, a lot. People can argue over whether financial status is important in a relationship, and the fact that people still disagree on this issue after all this time just goes to show how important money is in relationships.

The subject of finances will always come up in a relationship. It’s hard to be in love with someone if neither of you can pay the rent or put food on the table. The question isn’t really whether it matters or not, because it does.

People should be asking themselves about how much it really matters to them. It’s easy for people to say that they don’t care about how much money a prospective partner makes, but that’s never entirely true no matter how sincere they sound.

Not to sound skeptical or anything, but people do care, and they should care, especially if you’re looking at the long-term potential of a relationship. Traditional wedding vows include the phrase “for richer or for poorer”. It means you promise to love a person when times are good and you will keep loving a person when times are bad.

This is a definite statement and it’s something that should be honored when you marry someone. However, when you’re still in the process of looking for someone you’re going to spend the rest of your life with, richer is a better option than poorer.

Let’s face it, it is very rare for someone to knowingly enter into a relationship with someone who won’t help you provide for your future family. This is proven by the large amount of couples breaking up because of financial troubles.

This doesn’t just apply to women anymore. In this day and age, both parties share the responsibilities of paying the bills and providing for the family, and therefore people look for someone who is equal to or higher than them in the financial ladder.

Why Financial Status Matters to Women

Not all women see men as walking wallets, but if they will entrust their hearts and their lives to a man, they need to know that someone’s going to take care of their needs.

A lot of independent-minded women actually keep a separate bank account to make sure that they are financially secure in the odd chance that they may have to leave their partners for whatever reason.

A guy doesn’t have to be filthy rich to get a girl to go out with him or marry him. He just needs to be responsible with his money and he has to have a steady job and the resourcefulness to find ways to pay for the necessities, and then some.

Of course, there are the occasional gold diggers who care more about the status of a man’s finances than anything else about their potential partner, but men should take note that these women comprise only a small part of the female population.

Wanting a good life for themselves and their children (present or future) doesn’t automatically make a woman a gold digger. It makes her smart.

Why Financial Status Matters to Men

Since they are expected to be the “providers”, men enjoy the luxury of following their hearts more than women do, but this doesn’t mean they don’t care about the financial status of the women they date. Men consider financial status not because of necessity, but for more superficial reasons.

Men who have money tend to gravitate to women who would boost their worth in society. By choosing a woman who comes with money as well, they are able to maintain a good image in their social circle.

Men in middle and lower income brackets also tend to choose women who are financially independent. These women usually don’t require much from their partners financially because they can provide for themselves up to some extent and every small thing their man shells out money for is greatly appreciated.

Usually, a woman who spends a lot of money raises a red flag for a lot of men as they don’t know if they can keep up and support the woman’s spending habits. [Video – My Wife Spends Too Much Money – What Should I Do]

There are gold diggers among men as well, although they’re not as easily spotted as their female counterparts.

Falling in love is a wonderful feeling, but once money problems surface, it’s safe to expect for love to fade. Sure, there are people who still stick to the “for richer or poorer” vow, but sooner or later financial issues can and will take its toll on a relationship.

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