13 Fun and Cute Double Date Ideas to Try Right Away

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Double dates are a great opportunity to enjoy your lover’s and friends’ company. Explore our list of fun and adventurous double date ideas and watch the fun double in size!

Double Date Ideas
Group of young adults partying at the beach

What’s better than a lovely couple out on a date?

Well, two couples of course!

The idea behind double dates is that you get to enjoy each others’ affection without sacrificing your social life.

Double date ideas are a great way to get to know your lover more; seeing them interact with another couple or a close friend brings out a different aspect of their self which you might know little about.

Find a couple both of you like and with whom the feeling is mutual. It can become pretty awkward if there’s some type of envy or conflict between any of you.

When all four of you get along, it is almost guaranteed that all your future double dates will be dangerously enjoyable!

Double Date Defined

A double date is when two couples engage in the same kind of activities during a shared date.

What’s great about double dates is that pretty much ANYTHING you find entertaining can be twice as fun if you welcome another couple to join you.

Let’s see some terrific double date ideas you could try!

Cheap Double Date Ideas

No one can afford going on double dates that are costly. But that doesn’t mean you should sacrifice fun and socializing. You can still have a blast of a night, without burning holes in your pockets, here’s how:

1. Barbeque Night

Invite your couple-date for a night of burgers and beer. Have some music play and you got a mini-party all started up! Might even turn into a hell of a party for four, who knows!

2. Board games at home

For a more quiet and breezy night, gather some board games and play your night away. For extra fun play children games, they somehow seem funnier when you’re an adult!

3. Watching important games on TV

It’s game night! Invite your friends over and watch a final on TV, if you get bored you can easily turn it into a dance soiree! There are no rules as to what you can do!

Adventurous Double Date Ideas

If you would like some more spice in life, why not go for more action and less talking?

4. Amusement parks

Who doesn’t love roller-coasters and the horror trains? At amusement parks you can get an adrenaline boost and bond over some addicting fun games.

5. Mini day road trips

Arranging a mini trip is an easy and super exhilarating experience. Visit a nearby city, some sights or monuments and get to be tourists in your own country.

Enjoy and get to taste everything tourist-y and see how different a city immediately feels like!

6. Go shopping

No wait hear me out! Go shopping and buy the tackiest, cheapest items available. Wore them the same night at a fancy restaurant! Who said fun’s over when you’re an adult!

Well, for most of us it won’t be a adventurous double date idea at all. But it may be for guys whose girlfriend spends a lot… (just kidding 🙂 )

7. Cultural exploration

Find any cultural events, grand openings and other happenings that might take place and arrange a mini tour where you will get from one place to another in a night full of culture and cultivation!

8. Go on a clubbing spree

Make sure you are into the same music though! Otherwise it won’t work if one couple has fun and the other is bored to death or ready to rip their hair out.

Just Some More Cute Double Date Ideas

9. Exploring grown-up activities such a wine and cheese tasting. Even if you’re not into wine tasting and other ‘cultivated’ activities, it’s still a great way to spend the night.

Enjoy watching people acting all refined and snobbish –and better yet – imitate them and make fun of them (in discreet of course)!

10. Have brunch at a fancy hotel or sports club. Feel like the elite; wear smart, stylish clothes and hit a hotel or men’s club. Be part of the rich and famous, even if it’s just for a brunch.

11. Attend a sport game or a concert you will all enjoy. Your favorite artist is in town? Convince them all to join you. Promise to go to their place of choice afterwards, so that each gets what they want!

12. Enroll in couple classes or activities. From going jogging, learning yoga or pilates, to learning to cook, there are plenty of fun classes you could all enroll in as a team. Besides classes are all about the inside jokes rather than actually learning something!

13. Go to the movies. This never gets old!It really doesn’t matter what movie you’re going to watch.

Relax and just remember the old days when cinema meant first kisses and making out. Get a bucket of pop corn and a handful of candy and enjoy the movie−or not!

Virtually any activity you engage in as a couple can include another couple easily. So be open-minded and think of ways to both socialize and be with your significant other at the same time!

Make sure you give new couples a chance too. (Hmm..control guys 😉 )

If you or your boyfriend’s friend has a new lover, don’t hurry to dismiss them. Get to know them through one of these double date ideas and who knows, perhaps you’re just a double date away from a new best friend!

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