Large or Small Breasts – Which Do Men Really Prefer

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Do men really prefer bigger breasts? It may surprise you to learn that men adore breasts…period! Size really does not matter, boobs are boobs!

Bigger Breasts
Bigger Breasts
The idea that men prefer large breasts is actually something of a myth; in a study conducted by June Machover Reinisch, Ph. D., for the Health and Science of Human Sexuality Foundation, she discovered that in fact only about a quarter of men prefer large breasts; what they tell their friends, and what their friends tell them, may be something completely different from the myth that all guys like huge breasts.

Size doesn’t matter

The truth is that most (nearly all,) men adore breasts; from these breasts they require only two things: nipples and accessibility!

Men will tell their friends that they like large breasts (‘did you see the size of those?’), whereas in reality, all that they desire is for breasts to be present, and easy to touch.

Some men do prefer them large, but most men like them to be something in between; there is a school of thought in the UK that would state that ‘more than a handful is a waste.’

In France, men would say that they require enough of a breast to ‘fill a champagne glass.’

Breast augmentation (a ‘boob-job’)

There are many women out there who think that they need large breasts in order to obtain a partner, but that is not true; do not, under any circumstances, consider having breast augmentation to satisfy anyone other than yourself.

It is not necessary; men find confidence, and a woman who is happy in her own skin, far more attractive than the feel of ‘plastic’ breasts.

There may be occasions where augmentation is right for you, but please make sure that you do a huge amount of research about your aesthetic surgeon, before you even consider going ahead with a major procedure like this.

Also consider maybe having some confidence training, to see if you can be happy with what Mother Nature endowed you with.

Breasts can look larger

If you are unhappy with the size of your breasts, but cannot afford, or do not want, surgery, then there are other ways of making ‘less look like more.‘

It may seem obvious, but good posture helps a huge amount; walk tall with your shoulders held back, and your breasts will automatically look larger. (This also has the added bonus of making you appear taller, and your waist will also look smaller.) [Read – How To Look HOT and Sexier]

Go to your local department store, and be measured accurately to see what bra size you actually are; many women wear the wrong size and this can make your breasts look generally out of shape.

Push-up or padded bras can work wonders; they can make you look like you have an amazing cleavage, and also work wonders on your confidence.

Make-up can also be used to give you an added boost; use a large foundation brush, and a shade of foundation slightly darker than your natural skin-tone; apply this while looking in a mirror, and create your very own optical illusion of a killer cleavage.

Men are not just attracted to your breast size

In general, women think that single men are on the lookout for large breasts; but breast size is actually way down on the list of what attracts a man to us in the first place.

Most men are initially attracted to your face; eyes came out as being extremely important in various surveys about what men are attracted to, with legs coming in second place, followed by breast size and then your bottom (backside, bum, whatever you wish to call it!)

Yes, a lot of single men do like large breasts, but if they were to be brutally honest, they would tell you that they like breasts…period.

Big, small or somewhere in the middle, men like breasts; but most would tell you that they would rather be in a relationship with someone who loves them, and someone they can talk to and share common interests with, as being of far more importance than the size, (or lack of size) of your mammaries!


In conclusion, the message I would like to you take in is that being happy and confident in your own skin, is far more important than shocking him by throwing your ‘chicken fillets’ on the bedroom floor, along with your hair extensions, false eyelashes and ultra-high heels.

Imagine what you look like in the morning; a little bit sleepy, hair mussed up and generally natural…men would far prefer this you to the false one of the previous evening.

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