Depression after a divorce – what to do?

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Depression after a divorceMany women faced such a nuisance as divorce. Of course, this is a huge shock to the psyche, and the majority of ex-wives after breaking up with her until recently so my boyfriend does not know how to live, and depressed. What to do in such cases? Leave everything as it is and wait until the very pass, or ask for help?

In too many cases, without the services of a psychologist or therapist simply can not do, they will hold an effective treatment for depression and help start a new life, to look at the problem from a new angle, to forgive, to forget about the unpleasant situation, let her go. But no one person is not able to help a person if he does not want this, if he does not want to get out of the swamp of sadness and grief. This means that the first step is to recognize the need to exit out of the doldrums.

What a woman can do without the help of a psychologist? Very, very much! To what to return in thought to the painful memories, and even more so do not blame yourself, no matter what was the reason for the divorce, whether it be a betrayal of the husband or the usual disagreement. However, it is necessary to take into account the mistakes in the following respects, but it is necessary to forgive them and himself, and the former spouse. When the soul is no cargo resentment lives much easier!

Life after a divorceIt is important, especially in the first months after the divorce, do not stay alone with their bad thoughts. The best way to meet friends, and friends, go to the theater and exhibitions, go to the premiere of an interesting movie with a favorite actor, will help even an ordinary walk in the park, and the fresh air! Also, you need to do yourself, treat yourself, for example, go to a beauty salon to make a new hairstyle or even order a professional photo session in the studio.

Another important and difficult question – is the relationship with her ex-husband. In general, by mutual consent, and former spouses can maintain friendly relations and stop all communication. But everything is complicated when the couple have children together, which certainly needs a father. Prohibit the father to see his children only because of their own experiences selfish, in that case we will have to change to the situation. By the way, with the children if they are old enough, certainly need to talk and to try to explain what’s going on between their parents, because for them mom and dad divorce – perhaps more stress than parents.

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