Coffee – for what we love

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Each morning we meet in his own way. Whatever it was, but for many people it is a very important morning cup of invigorating coffee, which has just been brewed. This drink is designed to stimulate brain activity and charge the body with energy for the whole day.

Coffee - for what we love

Coffee activates the processes of memory and attention, which provides an opportunity to immediately take the required decisions. Assists in the process and vitamin PP 300 different substances contained in the beverage.

Haggard in the early afternoon cup of coffee has a tonic effect on the body, due to the ability of the organism to counteract stress, lethargy, apathy and lethargy. Contained in the drink caffeine increases the rate of efficiency and helps to relieve fatigue. Coffee employs associative and creative thinking.

In the afternoon coffee beneficial effect on the digestive system and the immune system. Naturally, the gastric juice is allocated more efficiently, which helps in the absorption by the body of food.

During the day, the coffee in an active manner improves mood, not allowing the development of depression. This action beverage based on the fact that it contributes to the process of accumulation in the body of joy hormone (serotonin). In addition, in the structure of coffee contains a large amount of antioxidants. They neutralize free radicals such as, preventing oxidation and ensuring the protection of the body and its cells. Just one cup of drink has under consideration of the order of 100 mg of antioxidants. This amount represented a quarter of the daily rates of consumption.

Caffeine helps reduce muscle pain. In particular, the coffee is recommended for those who have decided to work out, but the earlier physical activity itself did not bother. In the modern world it gained special popularity of instant coffee. Such popularity is explained by the fact that in such a manifestation brewed beverage can rapidly when necessary. One does not need to have the knowledge and experience to prepare a beverage. In just a cup of coffee powder is poured and poured boiling water.

Be that as it may, if the time limit is not worth cooking for yourself natural coffee. The difference is palpable. We prepared the beverage concentrates of the missing aroma and flavor characteristics which are typical for natural brewed coffee.

It is necessary to add to his own house traditions of Europe and every morning start with a magnificent, self espresso.

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