Chia Seeds: Concentrate health or Dummy?

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Chia Seeds: Concentrate health or Dummy?

What is chia seeds, and what are their benefits for our body?

Following the goji berries in our market has another exotic element of a healthy diet – chia seeds. What kind of product, and whether he is endowed by the unique beneficial properties that are attributed to it advertising?

What is chia seeds?

Another name for these microscopic grains – Spanish sage. This plant is native to South America included in the diet of more ancient Aztecs and other indigenous tribes of South America.

Chia Seeds: Concentrate health or Dummy?
Chia Seeds

Mention of chia seeds is found even in Mexican annals. It says that the food crops occupy an important place on the table of the Aztecs, along with beans and corn.

Useful properties of chia seeds

The seeds of the Spanish sage is indeed very much valuable to the human body substances. Chia contains a set of trace elements and vitamins are rich in fiber and rich in omega-acids.

Chia Seeds: Concentrate health or Dummy Spanish sage
Spanish sage

In addition, there are useful chia seed proteins and calcium whereby the product has become a favorite vegetarian food all over the world. The nutritive value of the protein from the seeds of chia little inferior animal: it is concentrated the most important amino acids for humans.

Modest “twins” chia

Yes, chia seeds have many useful properties. But this exotic and trendy products have a “brother”, caressed less advertising. Thus, virtually the same set of nutrients are in our usual flax seed latitudes. A highly digestible calcium found in sesame familiar to everyone.

Therefore, despite the rave reviews about chia seeds, their unique benefits and can be bet.

Contraindications for the use of chia seeds

If you decide to buy chia seeds and put them in your diet, remember: you need to take them in a small amount – 1-2 teaspoons a day.

It not recommended eating chia seeds to people who are prone to diarrhea, have low blood pressure or have sensitive teeth. Chia is also contraindicated in pregnant women and nursing mothers.

Chia seeds for slimming

Spanish Sage is often advised to use for those who want to lose weight. Chia seeds can become assistants in this difficult case. They have a valuable quality: they are able to absorb water in an amount that is several times greater than their own.

Chia Seeds: Concentrate health or Dummy?

It is because of this property, and achieved the desired effect: just one spoon of chia seeds can get a hearty glass of liquid or dense but low-calorie jelly. It fills the stomach, and the man for a long time does not feel hunger.

The usefulness of the small marble grains – chia seeds – it is difficult to challenge. However, the same range of materials can be obtained from other products.

If you decide to try out the action of Spanish sage yourself, buy it only in drugstores or specialized health food stores. Otherwise, you risk instead of good cause the body harm.

And best of all before eating chia seeds consult with your doctor: if you have any contraindications to the individual plant.

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