6 of the Most Important Body Language Tips to Attract Women

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Learning the right body language to attract women can be difficult, especially if you do not know what we are looking for. Learn the visual clues that turn us on and use them to your advantage.

Body Language Tips to Attract Women
Body Language Tips to Attract Women

Man Attracting Women At PartyIf a picture is worth a thousand words, then is a non-verbal signal worth even more. Women are visually stimulated by what they see around them. We make “scenes” or “photos” in our heads by visual cues.

If we see a cute guy standing in a crowded room or across the grocery store—we tend to “frame him” so we can check him out.

By doing that we are able to pick up on his body language and decide if he’s putting out good vibes or stay away vibes. And while we women concentrate on putting out the right body language to attract a guy, most guys never pay attention to their body language and realize that we women do.

Guys, body language can mean the difference between whether we interact with someone or give them the brush-off. In simple terms, using the right body language to attract women could be the difference between making a new friend and staying in the corner drinking and playing pool!

The Power of Eye Contact

Guys, did you know that you can attract a woman without ever saying a word? It’s true! Making eye contact- keeping your eyes above our bustlines and flashing us a million dollar smile will draw our attention at least 99% of the time!

Now we women can be unpredictable and you never know how we’re going to react- but if you catch us at the right time, you are most likely to get our undivided attention.

Once you gain our attention with eye contact- give us a meaningful gaze- but don’t stare! That just creeps us out! Catch our gaze—give us a deep look in the eyes if you’re close enough and smile!

Don’t stare at our body, that is most of the time a turn off to the average gal. A warm friendly smile lets us know you’re interested in getting to know us better but not wanting to grab us by the hair and drag us out the door caveman style!

Warm, friendly eye contact and a sincere smile lets us know that most likely you’re not some weird stalker! Don’t stare at us incessantly- that is a huge turn off and it tends to make us think you’re interested in something that is not good!

Give off Good Vibes

Don’t look “stand-offish” or “I’m too good for you” by sitting or standing with your arms crossed or your back against the wall generally can be interpreted as you’re too busy to be bothered or not interested in interacting with us. This is a very important part of using the right body language to attract women.

If you appear “closed off” then we are more than likely not going to attempt to make eye contact with you. Show confidence- be sure of yourself but don’t overdo it and come off as conceited!

Take a Moment to Care About your Appearance

Dress the part, be clean—have clean clothes on-smell nice- shave!! Good hygiene habits and a clean appearance are SUPER important to us women and play a big part in body language to attract women. You like us to look and smell nice—do the same for us!

You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression! Whether you’re going to the grocery store, local hang out place or a private party or work- the first thing women look at are how you’re dressed and if you look and smell clean or not. If we can smell you across the room and you look like you slept in your clothes for the past week- big turn off!

Read Our Visual Signals

Watch our body language, and mimic some of our gestures. This sounds strange but a lot of psychologists and social therapists have given this advice when they talk about meeting women. Don’t be obvious about it though! If you are –we may think you’re mocking us and get a little bit ticked.

Be subtle- but don’t look like a puppet. If you do it right it tends to send out little subliminal messages and give you a good chance of making a connection with us. This one takes practice and patience.

Groups are Intimidating

If you are with a group of people, especially a group of guys find a way to separate yourself from the group. Most of us tend to be a bit timid when we see you surrounded by a bunch of people, unless it’s a group we’re very familiar with, but we still tend to want to be private with our one-on-one contact.

Once you’ve made eye contact and if we’ve responded with a smile, we are more likely to let you approach us if you move away from the group.

This is especially true if we’re a bit shy. Another thing, if we are with a group of friends or another woman, don’t try to gain our attention by going for the attention of other’s first. If we see that, then most likely we will think you are just looking for a hook-up and not really interested in getting to know us as an individual for something more than a drink.

Confidence Over Conceitedness

It is okay to be confident, it is not okay to be cocky and approach us as though you are a gift to women, we know better. In order to gain our trust and even get a glimmer of an opportunity to date us, you must be willing to prove that you are who you say you are, this means putting all facades away.

You are more likely to be attractive in our eyes by being a real human being. It’s okay to use a pick-up line, just don’t be cheesy. Tell us what made you notice us; it makes all the difference in the world.

The biggest thing you can do when it comes to using body language to attract women is to be calm and confident. Don’t be overbearing or go all “he-man” on us. All women are different and what works for one, doesn’t always work for others of us.

You may have to fine tune your charming smile and dazzling eye contact before you get 100% positive feedback. Don’t expect us to fall at your feet or follow you home within 15 minutes of first seeing you.

If you give off a calm, but warm aura, then you’re half way to being successful most of the time. Be sincere, be honest, look clean and don’t have a super macho attitude.

If you practice using body language to attract women and learn what works and what doesn’t then eventually you’ll be successful and find women who are really interested in getting to know you all without ever having to say a word to us.

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