Beautiful well-groomed eyebrows – it’s easy!

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To get a beautiful appearance is not enough to use bright red lipstick or apply blush on the cheeks. Without a well-groomed eyebrows lady cannot be considered glamorous, no matter what clothes. It depends on the eyebrows, which becomes an expression of opinion and face.

Beautiful well-groomed eyebrows - it's easy!

Here are some tips to make beautiful eyebrows:

  • Getting eyebrow shaping, it should be remembered that it is working with living hairs, and if you make a mistake, then later have to wait for weeks that they industry.
  • If you are not sure that will be able to give the desired eyebrows and, most importantly, a perfect fit, it is best to consult a specialist. This procedure is costly and time consuming. The skilled person may suggest removing excess hair using conventional tweezers, as well as wax or filaments. The last two types of hair removal allows you to capture and remove even the finest hairs are visible in contact with these beams of light.
  • Getting plucking eyebrows should consider not only their length and width. Sometimes, carried away, instead of nice and tidy eyebrows on the face are thin strings.
  • Getting circumcised too long hair be sure to use a special brush, or even a toothbrush. Before the procedure, eyebrows carefully combed, and then scissors neatly trimmed excess hair.
  • In order to enhance the beauty of the eyebrows, make them stand out, you can use dark shades or cosmetic pencil. More radically, you can touch up brows with a special paint. In no case can not be used for dyeing eyebrows hair dye – very high probability of an allergic reaction, which can adversely affect vision.
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