The Key to Being More Romantic and Get More Action in Bed

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Want some tips and tricks to jump start your sex life? Learning how to be more romantic can definitely help you get more action in the bedroom.

Romantic Couple
Romantic Couple

So, you finally got the girl. Now what? The ideal scenario is that you live happily ever after and have lots and lots of hot, steamy sex. If that’s what you’re expecting, then it’s time for a reality check.

The truth is, while your girl loves you and would love to have sex with you, you still have to work for it. Although some girls may, most women jump into bed with you at the snap of a finger. You see, girls don’t get turned on as easily as men do. While being sexy can get your girl in bed with you, being romantic can keep them coming back for more.

Turn Up the Heat by Turning up the Romance

A little bit of romance can spice up your relationship and give your sex life a much needed boost.

There’s more to being romantic than remembering to get her flowers on Valentine’s Day or a candlelit dinner on her birthday. While these grand romantic gestures are well appreciated, this is just a small part of the bigger picture.

Romance is something that you should strive to achieve every day. It’s the little everyday things that show a woman that she’s loved, and the more loved a woman feels, the more she’s inclined to show her appreciation.

Here are a few tips on how to be more romantic and get her to show you how much she loves you.

1. Choose Your Words Wisely

If you think you’re paying your woman the ultimate compliment when you tell her “You look hot!” then you may have to re-think your strategy.

While being called hot is indeed a compliment, it’s not really romantic.

It gives your girl the impression that you’re only with her because she’s hot and that you’re only interested in sex. Instead, tell your girl how beautiful she looks.

Aside from “beautiful“, you can use words like “gorgeous” or “stunning” to get your message across. You may mean the same thing, but the words you use her can make a big difference.

Telling her that she’s beautiful makes her feel that you appreciate her on a deeper level, and not just for the way she looks. This goes for everything you tell her.

Choose your words carefully, or you just might regret it. Remember that words play a big part in romance, and what you tell her can spell the difference between spending the night with your girl and spending the night alone.

2. Communicate

This may not be your idea of romance, but for a woman, there’s nothing more romantic than a man who knows how to express his emotions and knows how to communicate properly.

Good communication boils down to two important factors, respect and honesty. Be honest with how you feel about your girl.

Don’t be afraid to say I love you especially if you really mean it. Also, show respect by actively listening to her and paying close attention not to what she’s saying, but to her in general. Communicating gives you and your partner the chance to get to know each other better.

Don’t worry if you don’t always see eye to eye or that your honesty may set off an argument. The beauty of communication is that it also allows you to settle your differences which could lead to steamy make-up sex.

3. Change It Up a Bit With a Surprise or Two

When you’ve been with someone for a long time, everything seems a routine. Even your simple romantic gestures can become tiresome after some time.

Change things up from time to time by taking her out to dinner at her favorite restaurant on a regular day, getting her a present for no reason at all, or getting her tickets to the concert she’s been talking about all week.

To add a more personal touch to special occasions like birthdays or Valentine’s Day, switch it up by preparing something more intimate at home rather than dining out like you always do.

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Whatever you choose to do, make sure it’s something she doesn’t expect you to do. That way, she’ll appreciate it no matter how small your surprise may be.

4. Take Things Slow

Most guys don’t want to hear this, but slowing things down at first can almost guarantee an active sex life for you and your partner. Women get turned off when they feel they’re being pressured into something they’re not ready for.

When you do romantic things for her, do them without expecting anything in return.

Show her that you’re in it for the long haul and not just for a quick roll in the hay. Pretty soon, she’ll be the one to offer to show her appreciation for everything you’ve done for her. This also applies when you finally have her in your bedroom.

Don’t try to rush things and just let the events unfold as they should. If a girl feels comfortable with you, she’ll definitely be back for more.

5. Never Underestimate The Power of Touch

When you mix romance and sex, you get sensuality, and what is more sensual than touching? Use this as a prelude to some action in the bedroom.

Get your partner in the mood for some tender loving by stocking up on scented massage oils and giving her a relaxing and sensual massage.

You can also be creative by using other parts of your body aside from your hands to touch, kiss or lick her from head to toe. Another way to explore every inch of each other’s bodies is to prepare a nice warm bath for the both of you to share.

Lead her to the bathroom by scattering a path of rose petals on the floor that leads to the tub. Don’t forget to light some scented candles to get the full effect.

What men should understand is that when it comes to sex, women have the power. If she feels deprived of what she truly wants which is love and affection, she will hold back on something that you want. [Read – How to Make Her Squirt – The Key Is To Find The G-Spot]

Women aren’t asking for much, just let her know how special she is to you by making an effort to be more romantic. This is a perfect example of how give and take in a relationship works.

If you learn to add some romance to your relationship and show her how important she is to you, she would most definitely return the favor by making sure you always have something to look forward to in the bedroom.

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