7 Ways to Attract a Guy That You Need To Start Following

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Many single women find themselves struggling to attract a guy that they have an interest in. The key to finding a suitable partner is knowing how to portray yourself in the right light.

Attract a Guy
Attract a Guy

Woman Attracting a GuyIt can be daunting when you are single and looking to attract a guy, that perfect man, who seemingly does not exist.

Instead of waiting for Mr. Right, you settle for Mr. Right Now simply because you are afraid of being alone.

If you are tired of hitting the scene night after night and watching the girl next to you while she scores that perfect guy – you know, that one that you were just working up the nerve to approach when Ms.

I’ve got it going on sweeps in – it may be time to take a few minutes and assess the way that you truly appear to men. This does not necessarily mean your looks, although you do always want to look your best. You need to figure out how you appear in terms of the whole package that you present.

Despite decades of women trying to figure out men and what they want, they are still a bit mysterious and very difficult to read. For one, they usually do not talk about women as much as we talk about men. [Read – I Don’t Have a Boyfriend – What am I Doing Wrong?]

But there are some well-known and proven ways to get a man to want to get to know you better and we are about to let you in on this little secret.

1. Eye Contact

Men want to know that you are focusing on their every word. When they speak and you look everywhere but at them, you give them the feeling that they are a temporary fill until the real Don Juan walks in to whisk you away.

Pay attention, but don’t hang on every word, nobody likes a “yes” lady.

Women have a way of glancing and then looking away – it’s our subtle notice to a man that we are interested.

If you notice a guy from across the way, casually acknowledge his presence and then look away and back again – be cute about it smile sweetly or raise an eyebrow.

A little flirting never hurt anyone and if he doesn’t approach you, well it’s his loss anyway.

2. Smile

It may sound cheesy, but a smile tells a guy that you are happy and content with whom you are.

Let’s face it, as women we are very difficult to read and guys can find this prospect rather daunting. I mean, who wants to approach a woman without knowing if she is going to accept you, gracefully brush you off or in the worst case scenario – throw a drink in your face?

Smiling shows a guy that you are approachable and it is not uncommon for us to break out in giggle fits. Don’t be ashamed if this happens, it reduces the tension and turns conversation to casual and fun topics.

3. Compliment Them But Not Overly So

You like to hear compliments, right? You want to know that your date finds you attractive and is not afraid to let you know.

Men operate exactly the same way, although they will never clue you in on this. Who ever said that men do not like compliments has definitely never seen the reaction they get when paying a man a compliment.

The truth is many men actually take more time than women in getting themselves dressed and prepped for a night out on the town.

Men shave; get their hair cut, by new clothes and cologne all to impress women. So throwing out a compliment of a nice shirt or nice hair makes a man feel it was worth it. Plus, you’ll also be showing interest and this will help clue them into the fact that, hey, you like them.

4. Positive Conversation

Most men do not spend a lot of time on gossip, they prefer to live their life rather than discuss the intimate details of someone else’s life.

Starting a conversation by stating that a girl across the room looks less than attractive or what a bad day you had is only portraying you in a negative light.

[Read – Τοp Conversation Starters to Chat Up the Guy You Like]

These things not only bore a man, but they will drive him away before you have had the chance to show him what a pleasant person you really are.

The conversation should be light and upbeat. Introduce yourself, tell him about you, but don’t share too much. Also be sure to let them get a word in edgewise.

You can be the most positive person on the face of this earth, but if you are not letting the man get his say in, it’s going to be “Bye, Bye, Bye, Baby.” Anything light in content is a great way to start off.

5. Travel in Small Groups

When you go out and you are looking to meet someone it is not wise to bring an entire army. Guys get intimidated by large numbers of women in a group and will rarely take the plunge to approach.

It may sound silly, but they must have visions of being heckled, or maybe they can’t figure out which woman they want to approach, so they shy away.

If you and a friend go out, that is perfectly acceptable, providing it is another woman. Hitting the town with a guy friend when you are looking to pick up a guy is a major no-no. Your friend can turn away if you find an interesting fella and the same goes for you.

Also if you do not end up meeting anyone that evening you will have someone to hang out with and enjoy the evening with.

6. Dress to Impress

Dress for the location. If you are going out for a fun night at a night club a dressier outfit applies, however if you are going to the local pub you do not want to walk in looking like a street walker. Avoiding caking on the makeup, when it comes to makeup less is better.

Most men prefer a natural look over a painted-on face. One of the most important things is to leave a bit to the imagination. If you bare it all out in public then there is nothing left to discover.

A man wants to know that he has something everyone else wants, but only he can have. It may be flattering to have all the eyes on you, but any man worth settling down with will not be turned on by your skimpy outfits – save them for the bedroom, where it really counts.

7. Be True to Yourself

This is arguably one of the hardest things for a woman to do. Since first impressions do matter you have to allow yourself to be, well yourself! Do not try to create a fictitious person that you want to be or think that guys are looking for.

Men like women who are comfortable with who they are. Putting on a false frontwill create a relationship that you have to work a lot harder at – you now have to be someone else and create a relationship based on lies.

Natural and personable are the key features that men want. When you start out pretending and disguising who you are, your relationship doesn’t stand a chance.

When looking to attract a guy, keep this main point in mind – men want to meet women who are comfortable with whom they are, assertive, caring and fun loving.

These traits are still in demand and are not going out of style anytime soon. [Read – 5 Smart Ideas To Make Someone Fall In Love With You]

Showing a man that you are special does not require a name change or a personality transplant, simply be who you are.

Men are simple creatures who enjoy being catered to. But they also enjoy catering to those who spend time on them. Basically, it boils down to the fact that they are not that much different than us.

Take the gossip out of the conversation and add honesty and positive energy. Attracting a man is not as hard as keeping a man – for this you will need to show a sincere interest in them.

You may after all find you have a whole lot more in common than you ever imagined was possible.

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