Anti-aging and tightens facial masks at home

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Aging Skin – unfortunately, irreversible process, which sooner or later faces every woman. But not all so terribly important to approach the problem with intelligence. The intensity of decay depends on several factors:

  • The type and structure of the skin – oily skin begins to fade later than dry, sensitive, irritated.
  • Lifestyle – healthy eating, walking, exercise in the fresh air will keep face fresh for a long time.
  • Bad habits – needless to say that alcohol and smoking, poisoning the body inevitably grow old person ahead of time.

Anti-aging and tightens facial masks at home

Proper care and high-quality cosmetics will help to keep your skin young and beautiful longer.

At the first signs of wilting in regular facial treatment is to add anti-aging and firming mask. Regular use will return to their skin tone and reduce wrinkles and tighten oval face.

There are several effective anti-aging masks:

  1. Honey mask. Honey – a storehouse of unique minerals, useful for the whole body and for the skin in particular.
  2. The mask of aloe. The plant contains about 200 active substances that help fight aging skin.
  3. Potato mask. For rejuvenating procedures is used as a raw, still boiled potatoes.
  4. Mask-Serum from olive oil. The masks, which are based on oil, you can not wash off.

Rejuvenating honey mask

We will need:

  • Liquid honey – 2 tablespoons. spoon. Candied honey need to slowly melt and cool;
  • A small container for the mask;
  • Wide brush to apply.

The mask is applied by massage movements to cleansed face, not capturing the eye. For the tightening effect of honey and apply on the neck from the bottom-up. The mask on the face is 20 minutes.


Honey is a strong allergen, so before applying the mask should be defined skin reaction to this stimulus. To test a small drop of honey must be applied to the inner side of the wrist and wait 20-25 minutes. If during this time were found on the skin redness, the honey cosmetic purposes can be used.

Firming mask from raw potatoes

Need 2 medium potatoes, dressing and clean cloth (suit and gauze).

  • The main components of the mask to clean, wash under running water and rub through a fine grater.
  • Squeeze the juice into a bowl of potato produced slides.
  • In the resulting juice wet cloth bandage and apply it on the face.
  • Remove the bandage and wash after 20 minutes.

This procedure is like for all ages and skin types. Beta-carotene and vitamin B contained in potatoes reduces fine lines, as well as contribute to the restoration of the epidermis.

The mask of aloe to reduce wrinkles


  • Aloe – 1 tbsp. a spoon;
  • Cream – 1 tbsp. Spoon (better to use a maximum fat content of the cream).

Mix ingredients (photo 4), and the contents of the bowl to put on your face. The mask is washed off after 20 minutes. The skin after the procedure becomes unusually soft and velvety.

Mask-Serum from olive oil

We need:

  • Olive oil (photo 5) – 2 tbsp. spoons
  • Lemon juice – 2 tsp.

Pour the lemon juice into a bowl and mix with the oil. Apply the mixture on your face and wait 15 minutes. Serum was not necessary to wash, you can remove excess wet swab. This mask can express without hesitation apply to unplanned rendezvous. Lemon juice makes the skin radiant and olive oil gives softness and elasticity.

Terms of use of anti-aging masks:

  • All masks should be applied to the face after a preliminary purification.
  • Firming masks are used not only for the face but also the neck.
  • After applying the mask, so as not to waste time, you can spend a few minutes on self-massage. Light rubbing, stroking and patting fingers allow the mask to better absorb and enhance the effect of the application. Massage should not last more than 5 minutes.
  • After these procedures, be sure to put on your skin anti-wrinkle cream.
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