30 Cool Things To Do After a Breakup to Heal Your Heart

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Breakups are a bummer only if you let them be, here are 30 creative things to do after a breakup to heal yourself quickly and reclaim your life back.

Breaking News: Breakups Are Good for you! Forget all you knew about sinking into misery and self-loathing. Breakups are now redefined; its’ all about self-discovery, self-pampering and of course absolutely everything that makes you happy (chocolate included)!

Life After Breakup
Life After Breakup

Life After Breakup

We say, crying over spilt milk is passé, today a powerful confident woman gets over a break up in style, dignity and with her head held up high! Who’s with us?

Let the DIY Queen inside of you out to shine!

When it comes to craft making and creative hobbies your options are virtually infinite! So don’t be discouraged if you cannot find something you truly enjoy from Day 1. Let’s see some of your options:

1. Paper Crafts such as Origami, Gift Cards, decoupage and Scrapbooking

2. Jewelry-making. Have you been on Pinterest lately? There are quite a few arm-candy you could create yourself with cheap supplies and a lot of imagination!

3. Knitting and crocheting are quite popular these days and unanimously praised as the ideal stress-reliever! Need I say more?

4. Be your own fashion stylist! Why pay a fortune getting clothes tailored? Invest in a sewing machine and start experimenting with your fashion design skills. If so many women can do it, you will to, bring out the fashionista you’d been hiding!

5. Candle and Soap-making. If you are a lover of scents, this is definitely for you. Channel all that energy into candle-making. With so many designs, scents and materials to choose from, you will, before you know it, be drawn into the world of mesmerizing aromas!

Let the Music Play

6. Join a singing or dancing class, learn belly-dancing, or how to play an instrument. You know how you’ve been secretly envious of all those tall, Spanish men with guitars in movies? Why not engage with music yourself and discover the healing and amusing properties of music first-hand.

7. Visual arts. Now that we’re into arts why not engage with painting or drawing? Embrace your inner Picasso and see yourself turn into an eccentric, talented artist!

8. Photography’s big these days. Everyone somehow believes they’re Annie Leibovitz, and so should you! Get that Nikon out of the closet and start exploring and captivating all the beauty and majesty that surrounds you.

9. Cooking. What if all you can cook comprises of microwavable dishes? Everyone starts small. Enroll in a cooking class or call your mum. Start with your favorite dishes and soon you will be the Kitchen Queen!

10. Create your own make-up line. Yes, that’s possible! Why spend a little fortune for brands that don’t seem to work anyway. The internet is filled with beauty recipes, from body scrubs and face creams, to $1 dollar blush powders!

11. Chocolate, the glorious temptation. Indulging in life’s pleasures is never harmful. Never buy store bought chocolate again when you can create a masterpiece of chocolate-y heaven without leaving your apartment?

12. Nail art is girlie, ultra feminine and dangerously addictive. Feel like a princess by creating the craziest and most eccentric nail art designs!

Learn a thing or two

13. Yoga, Pilates, swimming, tennis. Or anything that gets you going. Sports are always a fun and energy-boosting way of getting your mind off things and your feel-good hormones flowing!

14. Skating, Bowling, Rock Climbing, Hiking. For more adventurous and adrenaline-addicting activities, why not try extreme sports? (Plus these are often packed with super hot, brawny guys!)

15. Hit the gym. Another place jam-packed with yummy guys and of course with equipment to get you fit and (even more) drop-dead sexy!

. Finally learn French, or Spanish, or the high-on-demand Chinese. Don’t let the couch eat your creativity away. Get out of that house and into a learning centre. Better bring along a friend, it is always funnier when practicing the accent!

. Gardening, this is another fun activity that’s both physically health-promoting and aesthetically appealing. Extra benefit; you’ll get to cultivate your own rosemary, thyme and basil. Self-efficiency was never so much fun!

. Join the blogging trend. Who doesn’t have a blog these days? Mums do, CEOs do, fashionistas do! Creating a blog in anything you feel you’ve got something valuable to share and express is easy.

It can be about anything you find inspiring, important or plain beautiful. Don’t let your less-than-average tech literacy deter you! There are plenty of free web publishing service providers, with this one being extremely popular.

19. Make your own funny-to-get-viral Youtube Videos. The Internet is your friend, instead of passively taking advantage of it, why not actively be part of it.

Create a kickass Pinterest account, or even market your business through it. Create your own YouTube videos (cats are optional) and let the world discover your unique sense of humor!

Investing in you and your growth

20. Adopt a pet, help your friends with babysitting. Both are extensively demanding, requiring a lot of effort and devotion, guarantee to help you lose yourself and do something altruistic as well.

21. Home makeover, nothing screams newness more than giving your home a modest renovation. You don’t need to spend a fortune, or hire a home-decor professional. Rearrange a few pieces of furniture here and there, clean up every nook and cranny, and refresh all rooms by throwing away all things associated with that time.

Invest in key statement pieces to change the mood of your house. This is a creative and fun way to switch into a much more positive level of living.

Living within an inspiring and welcome environment will give you the strength and motivation to go on with other creative challenges you might wish to take up.

It’s Nap Time

22. You should pay extra emphasis on your bedroom. Update it in every way possible; new sheets and bedspreads, some accent pieces spread throughout it, a new sofa or a feminine pair of curtains.

Get rid of anything that’s memory-triggering and brings you down, instead put up and display things that will be your motivation for growing into the new you!

Make it a whole new place to relax and sleep in, (and soon do more in!) It needs to shout; I’m a kickass girl, you cannot mess with me!

Road Trips, Vacations and Mini-Journeys

23. Don’t let an unfair incident drag you down poorly-lit, self-loathing tunnels. Be firm and choose joy and optimism. Your breakup only deserves some grieving; don’t let it get the best out of you.

Arrange girlfriends-only mini trips and get to feel young and childish again. If you can afford it, go and explore all the mystery of other cultures, a definite must-do!

Career, Money and Volunteering

24. Getting a part time job is another creative tactic of getting your mind off your situation and invest in something you find enjoyable and rewarding. It doesn’t need to be your dream job. It could be something you find appealing (or completely crazy) but cannot do in your normal job.

Just do it for fun anyway! You will surely not mind the extra cash at the end of the month. Plus, you will get to feel more active and useful, doing something outside your comfort zone.

25. Breakups often leave behind residues of self-doubt, identity crises and major (or minor)career path uncertainties. Take advantage of this curiosity and doubt and explore new career paths, potential new business ventures, even invest your time and money in volunteering work.

26. Explore New Career Paths. Direct you energy and mind into discovering potential new career paths you could follow. This is something that requires a lot of thinking and planning and will keep your mind off anything that includes negative thinking.

. Get involved with an NGO or volunteering agency. The range and types of NGOs are astonishingly big. Find one that suits your convictions and is in accord with what you believe in and see yourself how much you have to give to those less fortunate.

Seeing the plight and sadness that exists around us and the problems millions others are facing, will inevitably put everything into perspective. (You will surely and suddenly feel blessed that all you are going through is just a break up.)

Turning a hobby into a lucrative business

28. You must already are passionate about a pastime, why not take it to the next level? Given how the most successful entrepreneurs are those who invest in their life’s passion, this gives you a head start onto building a small but lucrative business.

Whether its cupcakes, crocheting or cooking, if you do it well, it will pay off!

Join a local book club

29. Reading has so many benefits, we cannot possible list them all here. It will help you escape into different worlds, be part of non-existing adventures and realms, and all the while enjoying them from the comfort of your home.

Be it fiction or not, books are valuable buddies you should always turn to: for love, for compassion, for comfort, for anything.

Be part of a creative online or local community

30. No matter what the issue involved in, being part of a community immediately gives you a sense of belonging and the power that derives out of this belongingness.

The concepts of team and creativity when combined can be therapeutic for your broken soul. Giving you the impetus to do more of what’s enjoyable and less of what’s sad.

These are but a few ways you could creatively get over your breakup. The important thing is to take that very first all-important baby step and the rest will follow.

Find a supportive friend and get involved in as many of these activities and endeavors as you like. You will be so fascinated and pleased with your progress, strength and creativity that you will make it a life’s goal to never give up on this, single or not!

Who knew breakups were this fun, right?

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