5 Things To Consider Before Having an Affair With a Married Woman

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Some men take the chase as far as pursuing a woman who is already unavailable. This begs the question “Is it okay to have affair (sex) with a married woman?”

Affair With a Married Woman
Affair With a Married Woman

Affair With a Married WomanThe fact that a married woman is something a man can’t and shouldn’t have, makes her all the more desirable to certain types of men. Add the thrill of taking a bite of the proverbial forbidden fruit and these men simply can’t help themselves.

A sexual affair with a married woman is indeed what a lot of men’s fantasies are made of.

An affair with a married woman means having a no-frills, purely sexual relationship with no strings attached.

Married women who engage in extramarital affairs are also usually unhappy with their marriage and will most probably be more than happy to oblige, especially since she has probably been in a sexless marriage for some time now.

With married women, there is also no need to woo them with expensive gifts or flowers on Valentine’s Day because she wouldn’t know how to explain these gifts to her husband.

What more could a man ask for in a relationship?

For a lot of men, sleeping with a married woman is something they want to do whether they admit it or not, but a lot of these men don’t go through with it after thinking it through.

Things to Consider before Having an Affair with a Married Woman

The decision on whether to have sex with a married woman or not is up to you. No one can dictate who you can and cannot sleep with; however, before you zone in on the first married woman you have set your sights on, there are a few things you may want to consider first.

No 1. How do you feel about cheating? It doesn’t matter if you seduced her or if she came on to you. You may be single, but she’s not.

The bottom line is that sex with someone who is married is considered cheating. If you’ve been cheated on before, you know how it feels to have your heart broken. You can just imagine how her husband would feel if he found out about your illicit affair with her wife.

No 2. What if she falls for you or if you fall for her? Most affairs begin with casual encounters and one night stands. It’s all fun and games until one day it’s not. Even if sex is just sex for you, it may mean something else for her. [Read – 6 Telltale Signs That You Are in Love]

You’ll end up breaking the heart of someone who’s already feeling neglected and lonely. What’s worse is if you fall in love with her. If you make her choose between you and her family, get ready for heartbreak because she would most likely choose her husband – no matter how unhappy she is with him.

No 3. What if she has kids? Children are the first ones to suffer when their parents have marital trouble and an affair will just make things harder for her kids to accept. [Read – 10 Negative Effects of Divorce on Children]

An affair, with a married woman isn’t about the two of you enjoying each other’s company. If she has children, they are somehow involved whether you like it or not. Even if they never find out, you’ll always carry that guilt with you.

No 4. What if your affair goes public? No matter how careful both of you are, it’s still very much possible for other people to find out about your affair.

All it takes is one person, and soon everyone will know about your relationship, including her husband. When that happens, you’d better run and hide.If you’re looking for a complication-free relationship, an illicit affair isn’t the way to go.

No 5. Do you believe in karma? If and when you eventually decide to settle down, you wouldn’t want the laws of karma against you. As they say, what goes around comes around, and sooner or later, your past actions will come to haunt you one way or another.

How would you feel if your future wife decided to find sexual satisfaction elsewhere? Karma isn’t always direct, but there will come a time when your past will catch up with you, so you’d better be ready.

If after thinking things through at least twice, and you still can’t find a way to resist temptation, you’d better be responsible for your actions.

A sexual relationship with someone who is already married is not always the stress-free, easy going relationship you dreamed it would be.

Before deciding whether it’s okay to sleep with a married woman, make sure you are responsible enough to deal with any issues that may arise resulting from your indiscretion.

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