5 Signs That Your Honeymoon Period Is Over

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Sorry but it’s true that honeymoon period will not last forever. Here are Five Signs that the Honeymoon is Officially Over.

Honeymoon Period
Honeymoon Period

Honeymoon PeriodWhat is the Honeymoon Period?

The honeymoon period is that time in a relationship after you’ve fallen in love and sometime before you’ve fallen out of love.

Many couples believe it’s the greatest part of any relationship and the part that they always remember. (Definitely big ‘YES’ from me 😉 )

Before knowing the signs that the honeymoon is officially over, let us find out the Honeymoon Period Signs.

Top five clear signs of honeymoon period

1. You make love constantly! Everywhere, all the time and in everyway. You’re always hungry for each other and can’t stand to be apart. You’re both more or less happy all the time.

2. You think of your partner constantly! At school, at work, at home, on holiday, you’re always wondering what he/she is doing and wondering if they’re thinking of you too.

3. You’re always touching, holding and kissing, even in public. And that’s the times when you’re not making love! Honeymoon couples just can’t keep their hands off each other. It’s a wonderful thing but both of you need a lot of sleep because you both need a lot of energy.

4. You finish each other’s thought and even sentences. During the Honeymoon Period the two of you are so in tune that it seems like you have a psychic connection with on another. It appears as if your minds are linked as your bodies. This is one of the reasons some people may begin to hate you. They’re jealous of your love!

5. You start to feed each other in public. Yes, it’s true. All honeymooners will at one time or another give their mate a bite of their cake, a sip of their coffee, a forkful of their pasta. Then they giggle crazily as they gaze into each other’s eyes.

How long will all that true romance last?

The big question but the answer, unfortunately, is different for every couple. The only thing you can be absolutely sure of, however, is that it will not last forever! Sorry but it’s true.

All these good things will come to an end. And how will you know when the end is near? Well here are Five Signs that the Honeymoon is Officially Over-

. You don’t automatically think of her/him when you think of dinner. Allow us to clarify. We don’t mean you want to eat your partner for dinner, we’re talking about when you stop thinking of him/her as your 1st choice as a dinner date and start thinking of them as your default option.

“Well…yeah, I guess we can meet at that one place…if you want to…sure…”.

2. You stop holding hands when you walk down the street. No reason for this really but it happens to everyone. One day you just stop doing it and from that point it gets easier to not do it every single time.

3. You stop kissing goodnight. See above. Usually they both happen around the same time and it’s tough to say which one is sadder than the other. Once again, no real reason- maybe you’re tired or angry or just forget but from that point it gets easier to forget and harder to remember.

4. Sex becomes an option. It’s not that you stop altogether it’s just that it becomes something that neither of you feels is absolutely necessary anymore. You have to get up for work early, she has a headache, you’re tired, you both fall asleep watching TV. The excuses just keep coming even when you don’t.

. You both come to a mutual if unspoken agreement to give up “sexy” in favor of “comfortable”.

Men begin to take a casual attitude to personal hygiene and bodily emissions (burps, farts) and women start to neglect to do the little things like shave their legs or wear a proper skirt every now and again, get a proper pedicure and so soon you both begin to take a very casual attitude to your fashion choices when you’re alone at home together.

He rarely seems to change his favorite t-shirt & underwear combo and she rarely is caught in anything other than floppy pajamas and an oversized, grungy sweatshirt with her hair tucked into a sloppy ponytail. Congratulations!

The Honeymoon is now over.

But please don’t feel too bad because even when the honeymoon is over it doesn’t necessarily mean the love has ended. In fact, for many young couples studies have shown that a great percentage of them take this opportunity to embark on a brand new and exciting lifestyle choice.

It’s a choice with a long tradition and one that’s been popular throughout the ages. A common if old tradition you may have thought that perhaps you would never find yourself considering but now start seriously pondering as a fair if somewhat less than scintillating choice.

Yes, we all have to face it one day. It’s called marriage.

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